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The Only Living Soul
Are you ready to die?
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Author: TheXProyect
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 29 Jul 2013
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2017
Views: 4360
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.33333 (3 votes)
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DON'T PLAY IT IF YOU SCARE EASILY HORROR MISSION-PACK Year 2013. The whole world thought it was impossible for a zombie apocalypse to happen, no one was prepared for that. San Andreas is nothing but death and pain, people are now fighting for their survival, the world that people knew, is gone, part of the bloodthirsty dead and all this because of the Global Company called Hope, who secretly experimenting with biological weapons, one of their experiments went wrong and the virus managed to reach the big city Los Santos, causing more than the half of the population to die and come back to life as monsters. Many souls remain in the oblivion, and you're the only living soul who could rescue us from this slaughter. Chapter 1: Awakening 1) Intro: 2) Like a Desert: 3) Andy's house: 4) Overrun: 5) This is how we fall: 6) No Hope: 7) The Marauders Pt1: 8) The Marauders Pt2: 9) Better Angels: Chapter 2: Outlast against them 1) Ever after: 2) Alone: 3) Still: 4) The Taker is here:
SergiUS commented over a year ago:
I've one question, if I install it doesn't touch my savegames? Because I'm so scared for if i touch my saveganes
TheXProyect commented over 5 years ago:
I know i don't have to ask but i see the others mp and i see one since 25 july and is not approved.
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