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Brings full XInput support to GTA!
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Author: Silent
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.11
Status: Complete
Started on: 01 Jul 2013
Last Updated: 09 Feb 2016
Views: 608313
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.75674 (74 votes)
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Hey, what's going on? You plugged in your PlayStation or XBOX pad in hopes that you'll be able to play GTA on your PC just like you used to play on the console, and for some reason you can't make the controls work properly? You can't use full possibilities of your brand new, XInput-compatible pad? Maybe you want to refresh your childhood memories after ages of playing IV and you're sick of the old-fashioned controls? If any of these apply to you, GInput is the mod you've been looking for! This modification completely rewrites GTA controls handling and ditches DirectInput in favour of XInput. This way, your PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 pads will be handled by the game just perfectly, taking advantage of all their features, including analog triggers. If used with DualShock 3 controller and SCP Driver Package, it can go as far as making full use of SIXAXIS feature, just like some PS3 titles do! This modification features:
  • Complete XInput support, so pads are mapped to match console versions perfectly (including Start button, which can't be mapped on PC version without this modification).
  • Proper vibration support - something that was cut from all PC versions of the game!
  • FIVE (TWO in San Andreas) different control mappings - four setups matching PS2 selectable setups and fifth one being a recreation of GTA IV controls!
  • Pad buttons in In-Game helps, replacing PC key names (depending on user's choice, either PlayStation or XBOX buttons are shown).
  • An INI file with tons of options - including toggleable vibration, selecting controls setup, Invert Look option from console versions, axis inversion options from San Andreas and more!
  • Automatic switching between keyboard & mouse and pad controls, basing on last device input.
  • Support for Guide/PS button. The button is fully functional and can show your Steam Overlay menu if you launched the game via Steam!
  • Cheats input from the pad. Use classic PS2 cheats on PC!
  • Full co-op support in San Andreas - the game can make full use of two pads or bind the first pad to second player, so co-op can be played even if only one pad is connected
  • Increased support for DualShock 3 controllers and SCP Driver Package - including pressure sensitive buttons and SIXAXIS accelerometers
Footages Usage The changes take effect automatically, no need to toggle anything when the game is launched. Supported games
  • GTA III 1.0 (all versions)
  • GTA III 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version)
  • GTA VC 1.0 (all versions)
  • GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version)
  • GTA SA 1.0 (all versions)
Credits Deji - original GInput for San Andreas - huge inspiration for myself! Ash_735 - testing, complete art support Bugbear Entertainment - Steering Sensitivity option
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MrHjzz commented 0 months ago:
 QUOTE (DeMarcusB @ 17:29, 21 Sep 2017)
I can't remap any of the buttons, I'm shooting with RB, choosing weapons with RT/LT... Complete disaster
So were the controls in the original version of consoles. In the GInputSA.ini file, change ControlsSet = 1, ControlsSet = 2 (remap the buttons just like GTA IV)
MrHjzz commented 0 months ago:
Could you add the Xbox One buttons? please :( :r*:
Louksir commented 0 months ago:
Don't download this, it doesn't work.
diamondred123 commented 0 months ago:
diamondred123 commented 0 months ago:
Makes life so much easier to play, and it shows you what button you need to press!!
DeMarcusB commented over a year ago:
I can't remap any of the buttons, I'm shooting with RB, choosing weapons with RT/LT... Complete disaster
DanteVega commented over a year ago:
I love it, but I would like to have this mod also for Manhunt 1 and 2 because the triggers do not work, thanks and regards
alex66 commented over a year ago:
The first person mods on GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas the right analog stick does not work I use GInput
Misterjoho commented over a year ago:
I have a big problem with my controller vibrating. When i play i use the DS4Tool for my controller, and before i installed Ginput i never experienced the vibrations. Now my controller vibrates constantly even when i go to the Options Menu and put it to the vibrate scale thing to "0". If anybody could help me i'd appreciate it very much as i absolutely hate a vibrating controller!
noob5000000 commented over a year ago:
Anyone having trouble, make sure you're using a supported version of the game. Once I figured that out, I got it working flawlessly on both GTA:VC and GTA:SA. From the description: Supported games GTA II 1.0 (all versions) GTA II 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) GTA SA 1.0 (all versions)
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GInput 1.11 released!
GInput has been updated to version 1.11! This release contains mostly bugfixes.

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