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Doctor Who Pack
(Tardis, Sonic Screwdriver and The Scripts!)
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Author: fdaviloka
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: BETA 0.1a
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 30 Jun 2013
Last Updated: 01 Jul 2013
Views: 8458
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (4 votes)
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This is An Doctor Who mod!
But this mod has no missions
Only the tardis model (created by: [Drug] Nikt)
one sonic screwdriver (created by: Krazy_Eddie, and textured by me)
and some cleo scripts:
one to unlock cars with the sonic screwdriver,
another to lock car with the screwdriver,
one teleport to the tardis (seasparrow)
and another parking lot in san andreas tardis!

Press the number 1 if you tried to get into a locked car, and see the car is unlocked! (Works with tardis!)
Please leave a car and hit number 2, and see, the car is locked! (Works with tardis)
Enter the Tardis, mark a place on the map, and press the buttons "X" and "Y" together, see the Tardis teleports!
Type the word "TARDIS" and see the Tardis appear in front of you!

Please if you download leave a comment!

(Sorry for the bad english im brazilian! , And any bug let me know in the comments! ,
[This is my first mod so do not worry about complaining of bugs!])

"while not out in gtagarage download, download here:
(if the download out, im delete the part with "".) "
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fdaviloka commented over 4 years ago:
then I put some prints! :D
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Mod WIP!
Work on this project and I'm working to launch downloads of completed project, or the next BETA's! tanks for downloading the mod or this new!

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