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Author: mpc827
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 25 Apr 2007
Last Updated: 27 Apr 2007
Views: 27103
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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This is a simple mod that replaces the textures in tarbrush to look SOMEWHAT like starbucks. it has big logos on the wall to give you a cafe feel too! ;)
mpc827 commented over 11 years ago:
yeah i do, i got like 4, but im reinstalling GTAvice city cause ultimate vice city (a big mod) made me not like it =p so, my computers goin really slow, and i have to convert the images into jpg, but they will definately be up by tomorrow.

Also, just so everyone knows, im gonna start workin on Version 2. cause this was really just done cause i was bored. and yes i have noticed a bug... it makes the wall next to the café green =p im workin on that for the next release tho.
QA Puma commented over 11 years ago:
Got any pics? You said its complete.
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