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No More Abandoned Area
The mod does exactly what it says.
Information Files
Author: gtaloconbest98
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.0 BETA
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 24 Jun 2013
Last Updated: 26 Jan 2014
Views: 19328
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.4 (10 votes)
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This mod makes some abandoned place worth visiting.Those place will no longer be 'abandoned'.

The 2 BIG ships near Jizzy's Pleasure Dome and Pier 69 have been guarded by The Da Nang Boys as seen in missions.They will have heavy weapons(namely AK47, SMG, SHOTGUN)or very light weapons (grenade, motolov, flame thrower).

If any Da Nang Boy in the ship near Pier 69 notice you they will attack immediately(as the ship is too easy to enter) so don't wander around their ship unless you want to fight
The boys in the other ship will only attack you when provoked because there is no such way to reach the ship by swimming or boating.You can access it either by jetpack or aircraft but there's 4 rocketmans for that.Watch out !

The area in the Gray Import mission is now owned by the Russians.Their weapon is the country rifle and the sniper.They have high accuaracy and will only attack you when provoked.The Russian boss will drop a maximum of 8000$ when killed.

The area in the Yay Ka Bomb Bomb mission is now owned by the Rifas.Their weapon is the country rifle and the sniper.Their weapon are chainsaws, desert eagle and SMG

People will visit the Atrium so you don't feel lonely in there.

Jizzy's Stript Club is open for business.The Mafias will always be the customer.If you think you can cause mayhem in this club then you're wrong.Stand near the hooker to dance in the club just like any other clubs.

The soldier will guard the K.A.C.C Military Fuel area as seen in the
Up Up and Away! mission.If you step in that area your wanted level will
be removed to keep the game from overloading.However if you step out
your wanted level will be added again.The 'SKy crane' heli is not there
because when I try to spawn it, the game crashed.Have fun!

You can ambush the Vago at their own house.But they are just as powerful as the 'Gang war' version.Also the area will be damaged as it does in Burning Desire REGARDLESS if you passed it or not.You can enter the 'undamaged' house when doing missions and see why.

The Santa Maria Beach will always have the Life's a Beach activity but the people will be randomized to keep you interested

The beach near Angel Pine will have The Tramp 'gangs' resides.They carries the weakest machine gun but the problem is the number games (Actually they were planned to have Shotgun equipped :)).Their location is next to the road that leads down to the beach(the normal way to get in, out of the beach as I know)
Their leader is a gang member who gets kicked out of the group

The junk yard is now resided by an unused gang(has some bugs)

The area in the Robbing Uncle Sam is now blocked by a gate.Attempt to climb it will attract the attention of the weekend soldiers


Removed Liberty City (the script is too buggy)
You don't need original main.scm anymore
Combined all the script into one
Enhanced the dancing code.
You can enter a bunch of interiors:
Sweet's House !
Ryder's House ! (the side door)
Woozie's House !
OG Log's house "
Denise's house
Donut Shop #
The 8 tracks stadium.(at the counter on the left)
! = You can recruit them as your homies and have fun.They will be armed with AK47 and you will be given unlimited SMG ammo

Extra control:

Action: Cancel

(when in car)

Horn: Switch driver, enter drive by mode
Answer negatively: Stop the car (after switch) otherwise you have to wait for them to stop
Answer positively: Make your friend ignores traffic rule

-After you unlocked the second city (SF), Ryder will be replaced by normal Grove Streets Member (as he betrays you) so you recruit the cutscene homie instead
-Recruit is mission
-You will only be able to do a limited damage to them before they are taken to the hospital

" = You can use the place as the soundtrack player.Use answer negative to change

# = You can eat Donut here.Aim the gun at the shopkeeper to gain some cash(2 stars wanted level)

I'm assuming you already installed CLEO.
Put the CLEO folder into your game directory
Add the two '8341' files in 'img' folder into any IMG archive(I prefer the cutscene.img for faster rebuilding)

IncaWarrior for his Airbreak mod which makes the mod's possible altman for his RRR plane script YyHhGgTt for his plane script AND donut script All the people who have supported me and downloaded the mod [email protected] for the Great Liberty City Solid mod Ss4gogeta0 for the gang model
caesator commented over 4 years ago:
I cant see the agel pine gangs
RicExoStriker commented over 5 years ago:
I Download the 4th version but i didn't know how it works ?
minhtroller commented over 5 years ago:
does this mod affect to SAMP?
alfonsogomezmontoya commented over 5 years ago:
can you add farmers to the farm area like in the mision body harvest?
proboy600 commented over 6 years ago:
tHiS MoD So AwEsOmE ... ThK MaN ... :bbq: :bbq: eAt ThiS :cookie: :cookie: :catloaf: :catloaf: [b]
f14tomcat commented over 6 years ago:
I take back what I said :) Haha. I gave you five stars...
f14tomcat commented over 6 years ago:
Dude, I love your mods but I really don't like that you put version 4 in one file. I really don't like having driver switch.
Rizqan commented over 6 years ago:
Some new amazing update! Great work Gtaloconbest98! :D
gtaloconbest98 commented over 6 years ago:
When I finished version 3 my network gone crazy keeping me out for quite some time.I can't download such mod to continue with my work so I did all of these things with just CLEO The 'Enterable hidden interior' mod you just mentioned is just awesome.If possible I will make 2 versions of it. The first version is for the people who don't want to mess with map files The second version is for the people who installed other map modifications I think having only one script is better as long as the 'trigger switches' do not interfere with each other.
goodidea82 commented over 6 years ago:
Thanks for the update. I liked your previous version a lot (The new files are not there yet). I think some of the changes, as described in the description, are not really improvements. Having multiple file makes it easier to disable some of the mods if there are compatibility issues with other mods (for example I got crashes in Area 69). I would have suggested just to rename the files to have a common prefix. Also I think you should provide the vehicle related features as a separate mod, because that's a different kind of mod and possibly not compatible with some passenger mods. Is the mod compatible with "Enterable hidden interiors" mod by artginPL?
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