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The Yay Ka-Boom-Boom Save
From the Beginning until Monster
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Author: fnxrak No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: PC v1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 04 Jun 2013
Last Updated: 12 Jul 2013
Views: 12354
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (4 votes)
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Ok so this is the natural evolution of my previous mastersave and game The GTA San Andreas Mastersave and The Green Sabre Save, just until the point of having the third island unlock, so from now on you can free roam through the Desert and Las Venturas.
All possible tasks were completed until this point so I have 59, 36% of the game.
All possible safe houses bought
Territories taken Over 42
Territories under control 0, 0%
Highest number of territories held 53
Only 1 car resprayed (mandatory for the mission "Drive-by")
Progress with Denise at 100% (pimp suit available)
Progress with Michelle at 100% (racing suit available)
Progress with Helena at 100% (country clothes available)
Progress with Katie at 100% (Medic uniform available)
Progress with Barbara at 100% (Police uniform available)
Two Timming Enabled (jealous girlfriends still show up)
All Binco, Sub-Urban, Prolaps and Zip Clothes bought
Driving, Bike and Boat Schools completed with Gold
All Trucking sub-missions completed
Vallet Parking sub-mission completed
Freight sub-mission completed
Gun Range completed
Beat the Cock challenges completed (Santa Maria and Fisher's Lagoon)
All Unique Stunt Jumps Completed
King of San Andreas criminal rating

Ganton: *EP/FP Phoenix, BP/EP/FP/MP Patriot, UC2 Huntley, *EP/FP BMX
El Corona: FI Merrit, BP/FP Tahoma, *EP/FP Picador, UC2 Burrito
Santa Maria Beach: *EP/FP Mule, *EP/FP Banshee, *EP/FP UC2 Pony, FI PCJ-600
Mulholland: BP/FP Voodoo, *EP/FP Seasparrow, FI UC2 Admiral, BP Forklift
Doherty: FI Savanna, FI Boxville, UC2 Washington, UC2 Manana
Dillimore: EP/FP/CP/MP LSPD car, FI HPV-1000, FI Sanchez, FI Sabre
Palomino Creek: *EP/FP Freeway, FI Bravura, *EP/FP Tornado, *EP/FP UC2 Voodoo
Fort Carson: UC Pony, (3 spaces available)
Calton Heights: UC Pizzaboy, UC Camper, FI Sadler, FI Tampa
Paradiso: UC2 Stretch, *EP/FP UC2 Mesa, *EP/FP UC2 Perennial, FI FCR-900
Hashbury: CP/FP Rumpo, FI RC Raider, FI UC Maverick, *EP/FP UC2 Elegant

LSPD Impound: BP Tanker, FI Tanker Trailer, EP/FP/CP/MP Rancher
SFPD Impound: FI Sentinel, *EP/FP Hydra, *EP/FP Rustler
LVPD Impound: *EP/FP Raindance, *EP/FP Police Maverick, *EP/FP San News Chopper

BP - Bulletproof
EP - Explosionproof
FP - Fireproof
CP - Crashproof
MP - Meeleproof
UC - Unique Color (unique primary color)
UC2 - Unique Color 2 (unique secondary color)
* - Explosion and Fireproof from "Gray Imports" mission
FI - Full Immune (only destructable by flipping or sinking)
(Bulletproof, Fireproof, Explosionproof, Crashproof, Meeleproof, Rhinoproof)

No Cheats, Mods or Trainers were used during the gameplay.
It's still a work in progress since you can always expect more from San Andreas

A glitch was found that prevents you from using the gyms equipement, but it has been minimized see this topic for more info:
Looking for Saves with the Gym Glitch
Note that I was wasted once to get the FI UC Maverick in the mission "Toreno's Last Flight", but only because for now it's the only way to get it in it's proofed version, besides I commited suicide, I wasn't killed LOL
Frenzzy commented over 7 years ago:
Wow, amazing work. Looking forward to your ultimate 100% save with all unique vehicles. :cool:
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