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GTA3 - Beta Cars In Action
Cars from beta and new missions added to the game
Information Files
Author: Maru89
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 17 May 2013
Last Updated: 15 Apr 2017
Views: 46153
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.8421 (19 votes)
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"GTA 3 - Beta cars in action" is probably the first mod which adds new missions to GTA 3. Your new employer will be some old, crazy man named Darkel. He might look poor, but he will pay you a good money for dealing with his problems.

What is going to change after installing this mod:
- some beta vehicles will be added to your game,
- along with new missions,
- a little changes in basic GTA 3 missions,
- every car (except the Corpse) will be parked at least once somewhere in Liberty,
- new pedestrian type (Novy) will spawn in various locations around Liberty,
- Donky (the guy with sunglasses and 'Donkey Does Dallas' magazine) will spawn in Red Light District,
- Leone Family members will spawn in Trenton (not as often as in Saint Mark's and only on foot),
- both gates to the backlot of the Staunton LCPD station will now open for Police car, Enforcer and FBI car,
- the Ghost will be docked on middle molo in Staunton Island,
- some vehicles will have more different colors,
- the Landstalker will spawn on the streets in Portland,
- Toyz and Panlantic vans will spawn on the streets now,
- BF Injection will spawn on the streets in Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale,
- after 'Grand Theft Aero' mission Yakuza Stingers will spawn in Fort Staunton area,
- after 'The Exchange' mission gangs won't attack you anymore,
- unfortunately Mr Wongs van had to be removed.

How to install:
1. Replace your files with the ones you're going to download,
2. Delete txd.img and txd.dir from your GTA3/models folder.
For more information check the readme file.

This mod was tested with GTA 3 version 1.1
Known bugs:
- For some reason streets and buildings models in Portland don't load during Darkel's missions. The only way to fix it is to take a little ride around Portland and let every model load before you start the mission.

Click here to watch the preview.

qwerty213 - Panto and Luton models,
Surya386 - Beamer and Hachura models,
X2X123 - School Bus model,
GTA Beta Version Mod team - Beta Police car and Beta Enforcer models.
All models used with permission!

ZAZ - for the help with Sanny Builder scripts.
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