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GTA San Andreas 100% Save Game
Save Game with many bonuses - Special Vehicles
Information Files
Author: TomsonXD
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 02.04.2013
Status: Complete
Started on: 09 Apr 2013
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2013
Views: 19897
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.36364 (11 votes)
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This is a 100% completed Save Game with many bonuses, like proofed (BP/EP/FP/DP) and Unique Paintjob vehicles in all garages.

Important Stats:

Game is 100% completed, and all rewards for it are unlocked
Gold medals on all schools
All Tags/ Snapshots/ Horseshoes/ Oysters found
100% progress with all girlfriends
100% Driving/flying/bike/cycling skills
100% total respect
100% stamina
100% max health - I did it at the beginning of the game (a lot of running and cycling), then I did Paramedic mission
100% lung capacity
100% muscle
All territories under control
Hitman in all weapons
All races won (look at my best times in each race. I created tables with my own records :)
Burglary missions are passed, and infinite sprint is unlocked (this isn't required for 100% completion)
You have $10000000 (ten million, not one hundred milion)
0 Stunt jumps are done, so it's up to you to find 70
nagas commented over 7 years ago:
why I need it? many people are using many mod so, some gta with non-original game script will crashes if use this save game! actually the special cars are not great! I can spawn it anywhere using car spawner or cheats menu! btw, sorry man for my bad comment about your save game! but it's real! many people don't need it! I rate 3 stars fr this mod! if you can, make save game that can be compatible with any script and version that the game use, even it's impossible! :rah: :rah: :rah:
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