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Kryptonian Mod
Gives you Superman's abilities!
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Author: Boertjie
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.02
Status: Complete
Started on: 12 Mar 2013
Last Updated: 03 Jul 2013
Views: 150306
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.6842 (19 votes)
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Kryptonian Mod v1.02.

by Boertjie

IMPORTANT - This mod needs CLEO 3 (NOT CLEO 4) to work correctly! THIS MOD DOES NOT WORK PERFECTLY WITH CLEO 4! CLEO 3 is included with this mod. Also, if you have CLEO 4-mods installed, remove them before installing my mod, otherwise the game might crash.

Description This mod will give CJ Superman's abilities : Superspeed Superjump Gravity Defiance Flying Jump Flight Superstrength Heatvision Fast Perception Invulnerability Rapid Healing Solar Energy Absorption NOTE : the first time you run this mod, CJ's power-level will be at zero. You'll need to have CJ charge up in direct sunlight to 100% power, and then save the game if you want him to have full power the next time you load the savegame. Otherwise, you can simply use the inbuilt power-level control to set CJ's power at whatever level you want. Also included is other mods you will need to enjoy this mod at its fullest : You will be able to outrun the cops in a similar way as in GTAIV A higher draw-distance, also working high in the air and with the irritating flickering map-problem at a minimum. A mod that makes the black-dark shadows in the game lighter. A mod containing miscellaneous tweaks to the game. Requirements GTA San Andreas v1.0 (other versions are not supported) CLEO 3 - included (NOT CLEO 4, the mod doesn't work correctly with cleo 4) A system that runs GTA San Andreas consistently at 35fps. Legal stuff This mod is NEVER to be part of any kind of wrongdoing. Feel free to use this mod in whole or in part to create other mods under the conditions that you give me DUE CREDIT and that you include a link in your mod as to where this mod of mine (Kryptonian Mod) can be downloaded. The copy of this mod that you download is YOUR responsibility. Backup all your GTASA-files before using this mod. I cannot guarantee that this mod will be faultless. Credits Credits goes to everyone who made modding like this possible! This includes the creators of CLEO, people whose script-mods served as coding-examples for me, people who found specific memory addresses in GTASA, etc. Credits also goes to the creators of the superman-universe.
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araiz commented over 3 years ago:
can you make super breath for san adreas i would really appreciate that .thanks
commented over 4 years ago:
Sorry, but I don't have time for modding anymore... :/:)
commented over 4 years ago:
ohh please please boerjie make a green lantern powers mod please please :sui: :die: :sui: :D :sui: :sui:
commented over 4 years ago:
nah bro i think its because i spoilt my pc! because before hume.cleo use to work but after spoiling it it doesnt work
commented over 4 years ago:
Do you have other mods? If so, try installing my mod on a clean gtasa install to make sure my mod doesn't clash with any other mods - Boertjie
commented over 4 years ago:
my game crashes and sometimes it doesnt come on
commented over 4 years ago:
Thanks for the compliments! Do you code? Decompile the ToggleAbilities file, search for the key-press that uses f7 and then recompile :)
commented over 4 years ago:
hey dude so whats the new version fix? i didnt notice any game crahes... lol... oh one thing i ask you to do for me whatever your command is for f7 could you change it? cuz my f7 is used for a gta san andreas killer which kills the game if it freezes up... that would be great!!im mixing your krptonian powers with the superman hot coffee and sanga and so far no crashes... lol but got a lot of peds and do have the skin cleo with all the superman skins as peds... lol... but its based on a superhero me and a body of mine made up but wont be available for download... its just got a lot of naked people in it!!the name of the hero is called penistron and you can guess what the gimpsuit is lol... but anyways thanks for a superman mod thats good for kids i will use it in all my superman mods now and actually it works great with the stripped script with no missions... lol... ill give you full credit of course with link to this site when i upload... im the one who does the only gta san andreas smallville mod <img src=p" />
Moneymakerstudios commented over 4 years ago:
and call me Antonio :D :die: :blink: <img src=p" />
Moneymakerstudios commented over 4 years ago:
a member of my team is chinese :D but i also put a link to your mod and i told them that i was Boertjie and i made the mod and that guy stole it from me but they dont beleive me and they know i was using translater :blink: :sui: :sui: :bbq:
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Version 1.02
I've just uploaded version 1.02 of my mod. This version fixes an issue that sometimes causes the game to crash.

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