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Test Drive Track
The way to know the top speed of the supercar
Information Files
Author: Anthony ok
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2
Status: Complete
Started on: 22 Jan 2013
Last Updated: 24 Nov 2016
Views: 41688
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.5 (4 votes)
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Very long way. Diagonality on the map.

suitable for check the top speed of land vehice
Added Cleo Script, for more easy way to the test drive track
Equipment: lift, laser teleportation :D
cst1992 commented over 8 years ago:
Coordinates(if they are useful) x: -2848.441 y: 2859.659 z: 458.3148
Gamebaba commented over 8 years ago:
Nice! I really like it
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brick bit bit bit
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