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SAVE 256 Cars [CLEO3/4]
inclusiv Tuningparts and Paintjobs
Information Files
Author: ZAZ
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 13 Dec 2012
Last Updated: 13 Dec 2012
Views: 10662
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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Modification for GTA San Andreas with Cleo Library 3/4
Feature: This mod stores total 256 cars and their tuningparts, paintjobs, colors
8 Carsave-Missionscripts stores 32 cars at 8 different locations

Requirement: CLEO Library version 3 or 4


This mod stores total 256 cars and their tuningparts, paintjobs, colors
This mod stores the car data in catchfiles inside of cleo folder,
no need to make a savegame

This mod contain 8 Carsave-Missionscripts to save cars at 8 different locations
Each Carsave-Missionscripts can store 32 cars at specified location

Missionscript means that you can't access the Carsave-Missionscript while any mission is already running
and revers, you can't start another mission while the Carsave-Missionscript is activ

Save_256_car_initialize.cs must be placed in cleo folder to initialize the Carsave-Missionscripts
The Carsave-Missionscripts must be placed in the subfolder "SaveCar_missions"

The Carsave-Missionscripts creates catchfile with extension "CAZ" creates SAVE_32DATA_SFDOHERTY.CAZ creates SAVE_32DATA_LVClownsPock.CAZ creates SAVE_32DATA_LSGANTON.CAZ creates SAVE_32DATA_LSBEACH.CAZ creates SAVE_32DATA_Desert.CAZ creates SAVE_32DATA_LVWest.CAZ creates SAVE_32DATA_SFQueens.CAZ creates SAVE_32DATA_SFDowntown.CAZ

Drive with your vehicle into red marker at the Carsave area
then park and exit vehicle inside the carsave area to store the car data

Watch to the pictures which comes with the dowload
they shows the carsave area and the position of the red markers

This mod stores the car data in catchfiles inside of CLEO\SaveCar_missions folder,
no need to make a savegame

The Saved Cars will be Available as long as You Stay in the Carsave area
The Carsave-Mission will be terminated when you leave the Carsave area and the cars will disappear with the time
Leave first the Carsave area to store your next car

Get your saved cars:
Just drive or go by foot into red marker at the Carsave area

Remove Savecar slot:
The Carsave-Mission must running, then enter any of the Savecar and press Handbrake + Delete key

Menue prompt for Upgrades scanning:
A Menue will appear if you want to store a tunable car
where you must decide between "FULL SCAN" or Partially Scan

Paintjobs, Nitro, Wheels, Hydraulic, Stereo will be scanned and stored for all vehicles with 4 or more wheels and for vortex

You must choose "FULL SCAN" if you want to store all tuningpart upgrades of your car
A "FULL SCAN" requires correct entries in your carmod.dat
Your vehicle must be able to have all Tuningpart Upgrades (Veh-mods),
which are listed in carmod.dat for that vehicle, to do a FULL SCAN

Take care when the menue appear and make shure that you confirm to the right selection!

Extra script download for SAVE-256-Cars+Tuning Cleo mod to show "car"-radar icons at Carsave areas: Save_256_car_RadarIcons.cs The reason to make an extra script is following: Showing radaricons in San Andreas are limited and will be saved in the savefiles of GTASA user files if you make a savegame. So you could get a buggy game if you have to much radar icons because of other scripts.

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