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B.A.S.E. Forever V3
Information Files
Author: *sasquatch*
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V3
Status: Complete
Started on: 18 Mar 2007
Last Updated: 16 Oct 2008
Views: 66716
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.44445 (18 votes)
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This is the latest and probably last release in the series!

 V3 include's :

 30+ container's and Canopy texture's
 Updated map's with new building's/structure's and Enex marker's on existing one's
 Wav file's to replace freefall SFX
 Replacement GXT file which get's rid of "Open your parachute!" warning!
 Jumpsuit's, Helmet's, Tracking pant's and Jacket's all tweaked by Soul_Courageous
 Building txd's to turn added building in to glass tower's

 Enjoy and let me know what you think:)


Kurupee Freefly Suits
smcbean2016 commented over 9 years ago:
:die: :die: :die: :die: :die: gayest thing EVER[b][u] :rah:
KJF commented over 10 years ago:
Awesome mod, only a bit bad you need to start new game, and there is no 100% savegame for this mod. otherwise i would have installed it for sure!
Teckizt commented over 12 years ago:
just two words: Aw-Some. Is excellent. I'll make some vids to post in youtube with this mod, man, the best high mod (literally) done in the community.
Chilly^ commented over 12 years ago:
How can i get so high?:catspider:
*sasquatch* commented over 12 years ago:
The link seems to be workin fine for me takes you to a page with to selection's on it just scroll down and click on the free download link and it'll give ya a ticket!From there you just need to wait ;)
Chong McBong commented over 12 years ago:
dude, i know there is a link to another download page, but now THAT [email protected] WORK... please sort it out.. this mod looks COOL
*sasquatch* commented over 12 years ago:
 QUOTE (CJ91 @ 13:50, Apr 24 2007)
Awesome. But theres no way to DL it. theres a download link at the bottom of the description!
CJ91 commented over 12 years ago:
Awesome. But theres no way to DL it.
*sasquatch* commented over 12 years ago:
Update includes:
New Jump point's(structure's) and Enex marker's on existing building's. All Enex marker's are one way so you wont be able to see them but i tried to put them in obvious place's. Once your up your coming down one way or another!!
See map in screeny's for location's! Over 30 Container Texture's with individual HUD Icon's. A few Canopy one's aswell, some realistic,some not so but still fun!! I've edited the GXT file's to get rid of the "Open your parachute!" warning which i always thought was a pain in the ass, especially when filming!!New Wav file's to make the freefall sound effect more realistic.
Apparel which includes Jumpsuits ,Helmet's,Tracking Pant's and Jacket's which were tweaked by Soul_Courageous......many thanks!! New building Txd to turn the added Skyscraper's into Glass structure's.
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