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Limitless Vice
Converted for Mobiles
Information Files
Author: HippieCommunist
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 0.3
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 11 Dec 2012
Last Updated: 19 Jan 2013
Views: 15840
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (7 votes)
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Limitless Vice Mod (converted to Mobile) 0.3 HippieCommunist
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

here is a script mod based on spinnie's "All Opened Up & Enhanced mod for GTA:Vice City" i wrote about a century ago, now converted for the mobile version

put MAIN.scm and american.gxt in vice folder to unlock everything w/o overpowered stuff:

- you can buy all properties/safehouses/weapons from the start
- all missions are repeated for every mission giver in their natural order (meaning: you finish all the lawyer's missions, from "The Party" to "The Riot" then "The Party" again
and so on with all the mission givers including the Estate Assets. game never runs out of missions... limitless Vice!)
- if you fail a mission it will pass on to the next one in mission group (unless you tap yes to retry)
- hotring/bloodring/sunshine race cars were randomized (you can load the quicksave to reroll the cars model)
- random gang roaming/attacks in downtown/business island at night (docks & boatyard are filled with gangs+some during the day)
- gangs use almost all weapons
- when wearing the hockey mask you can go rob the bank on your own
- when wearing cop uniform you will get no wanted level during vigilante missions (wanted level resumed once vigilante ends)
- when wearing cuban cloths you'll get wanted level only from local cops but all gangs will be hostile (& by doing the icecream distribution sub mission)
- to remove gang hostility you must start that gang's missions (wearing cop uniform will remove all hostility)
- general lower wanted level gain (when wearing cop uniform you'll get wanted level only from local cops)
- health slowly regenerates to 100
- talk to the corrupt cop near vercetti/diaz mansion to start the Police Rampage mission (wanted level randomized between 4 and 5 for variety)
- interiors (spinnie's+downtown office)
- when inside Auntie Poulet's interior time passes fast
- removed the 'Dirtring' from ring races
- few things unlocked only after some missions
- add 'pedstats.dat' for a little easier gameplay
- add 'ped.ifp' to vice folder to have slower/smoother tommy's running animations (and that annoying 'toy-like' gang running animation)
- add 'weapon.dat' to have a much more fair balance for strong firearms (phyton/shotguns/m60/minigun now a bit weaker)
- CHEAT MODE - unlimited ammo money health armour fast healing to 200 (not GOD MODE)

-kaufman taxis missions hotfixed*redownload* (0.29/0.28 saved games work)

-"The Driver" mission hotfixed (0.28 saved games work)

-added the solo bank rob
-more stable interiors (busted checks)
-security gang hostility fixed

-removed the buggy bodyguards (more stable now)
-updated pedstats.dat to work better with some missions
-fixed some more stuff

-added police rampage mission (near vercetti/diaz mansion)
-increased mission rewards
-switched Casual and red Jumpsuit cloths
-icecream mission gang hostility stays after mission ends
-some minor fixes (ability to enter the office on bike, less soldiers in army base etc... )
-added an easier pedstats.dat

-icecream mission distribution fixed

-added random gang wars and roaming at night in Downtown island (the business sector+extra at the docks)
-gangs now use more firearms (less melee weapons)
-added gang hostility (manipulated from both missions and wearing cuban cloths)
-added the office access through the elevators
-extreme weapons now a bit less extreme (such as shotguns/M60 aren't so godlike)
-some fixes

-another pizza boy not loading some wav bug fixed

-rcgoblin race car hotfixed (0.19 saves will work)

-pizza boy mission fixed

-fixed ineriors (love fist concert removed)
-hotring rewards increased

-randomized hot/bloodring/sunshine autos races cars (load the quicksave to reroll the cars model)
-always sunny weather
-even better cheat mode (100% completed)
-some fixes

-army base and other properties re-adjusted
-retry feature re-enabled
-sunshine auto races are now fixed
-sub-mission special rewards fixed
-better cheat mode
-some other fixes
-car health displayed

-bloodring timer rises by 7 sec's (no time to 'beat' just get/kill as many as possible)
-prices of spinnie's properties displayed

-fade in icecream factory mission distribution fixed

-cop uniform disappearing after Cop Land mission fixed
qurkangl commented over 5 years ago:
Not Working Please Help Me. I main.scm files Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtavc/files/data put AFTER I american.gxt file Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtavc/files/text Put but not working. Pleasee Help Mee Because Very Nice Modd :( :(
Cla_Tommy commented over 5 years ago:
This Is REALLY COOL MAN... You make a EPIC Mod for GTA VC Android... :D
Sidoarjo_Modder commented over 7 years ago:
this is EPIC! :cool:
lolleroz commented over 7 years ago:
could you please develop a PC version? I'm guessing all it requires to do is change the ammunation code back to original since I haven't found any other issues... I'd do it myself but I'm bad at SCM editing...
HippieCommunist commented over 7 years ago:
dont think so... but its pretty easy to make a pc compatible version, dont worry :turn:
Jackiez commented over 7 years ago:
Would it work on a PC version of the game?
HippieCommunist commented over 7 years ago:
you very welcome! get the latest fixed version and report any bugz... :)
rmfltm012 commented over 7 years ago:
:O WOW it's awesome Thank you Thank you and Thank you.
leejula commented over 7 years ago:
oh i see thanks!!
HippieCommunist commented over 7 years ago:
if you're using the PC version put the ped.ifp in VICEANIM folder... as for the mobiles, put in main vice folder (no replacement, the game still reads it)
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