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PSX2 Control
A Conversion of Keys Dialog From Dual Shock 2 For PC Version
Information Files
Author: BruceDickinson
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V0.4
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Jul 2005
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2005
Views: 23496
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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This is a Edition Of Game Menus To The Keys Of PSX2 Controls.
All The Dialogs and Menus Of Command Buttons Were Edited.

Simply Copy Text folder to yours. Be sure to backup the original american.gxt.

Last Know Bugs:
Text out of window in some stories. (Corrected)
Bunny Key Wrong. (Corrected)

Last Updates:
07/06 - Fixed The Last Stores With text out of the windows bug.
07/05 - Bunny key corrected from O to L1, Maps and Main Menu Command Dialogs Edited.
07/04 - All general Keys Remmaped in dialog of game.


Real Vehicle Names XBOX
By: Dalkaveli
[email protected]

Real Maps name
BY: antares
[email protected]

To Use Dual Shock 2 Perfectily alike in the PSX2 you have to do a combination of SAAC + Joy to key.

details about it in the link below.
arkai commented over 8 years ago:
GREAT MOD!! :cookie: :cookie:
wave103 commented over 12 years ago:
why, you only drive one 'stallion' :/
lenroc commented over 14 years ago:
Thank you very much for this. I am very happy to have the PS2 buttons display correctly on screen.

Is there any chance you could release a version without the Map & Car names changed, though? It sounds weird, but I actually prefer driving around in "Stallions", "Sabres", etc.
Dodge34 commented over 15 years ago:
Hope to see this mod soon, I've waited since the release on PC for a way to have the same controls from my PSX2
BruceDickinson commented over 15 years ago:
A Conversion of The Mod PC Real Map Names to fit the Command Keys to Dual Shock 2 Used In Pc Version Of San Andreas.
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