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Better Ballistics And Combat
Bullet travel time, enhanced combat for controller
Information Files
Author: NudasPriest No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 17 Sep 2012
Last Updated: 04 Oct 2012
Views: 6355
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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This mod has only really been tested with / designed for controllers/gamepads (Xbox 360 controller specifically). GTA IV has an inherent bug which makes accuracy when shooting with a mouse/keyboard almost 100% pinpoint accurate.

This mod is a work in progress. I am tweaking things all the time. So far I've gotten variables that feel good to me and a couple of friends who have tested it with me.

If you try this mod, I encourage you to play with a gamepad if you have one.

This mod replaces 3/4 files : WeaponInfo.xml and explosionFX.dat, relationships.dat, and optionally handling.dat
Another mod I recommend replaces another file, materials.dat, but it HIGHLY recommended (see below)
The relationships file isn't required but it seems to make a noticeable difference when it comes to gang vs gang/player incidents on the street.

- Every gun gun has vastly increased range and a realistic and rewarding damage/physics force, close to real-life fire rates, lowered ammo caps, and tweaked ammo caps. AK-47 rounds (7.62mm) are heavier than M4 rounds (5.56mm) so the AK can carry 2 less mags than the M4.

- Every gun (aside from both shotguns) now has a delayed impact. You may have trouble leading your target at first but you will come to appreciate the improved sense of weight and physics when you shoot with this mod.

- Melee combat all around has more damage, and now unarmed/bat/knife all have subtle range differences.

- You can now throw grenades and molotovs significantly farther than before, and you can throw grenades the farthest. Also, you will throw a molotov farther inside a vehicle (so no more accidentally burning yourself on a motorcycle with molotovs at your feet)

- Sniper rifles are VERY slightly less accurate (most notable with PSG-1 and rapid fire, to simulate strong recoil) in scope view, their shots hit their marks faster (much higher bullet velocity), and are adequately reliable from cover. You can hit guys by aiming from cover instead of missing most shots.

- Sniper rifles and the AK rifle are armor piercing. 7.62 rounds have a bit higher armor penetration than 5.56. The AK, you will find with this mod, is indeed a beast.

- Most explosions have been tweaked for an improved feel. Radius has been increased for most explosions, the physics forces have been appropriately lowered to compensate. Beware of explosions, now.

- RPG now flies very fast, not too fast, and also has increased range. RPG will also slide less than before from glancing impacts.

- Both shotguns have much tighter spread, much longer range, and can be fired faster than before.

- MP10 or MP5 submachine gun is held with 2 hands instead of 1.

- Helicopter Miniguns have been tweaked for better feel: MUCH faster fire rate, vast range (they go out to farther than I can see in first person view due to draw distance, but they go out far)

Recommended Mods to install alongside this:
I feel these other mods will enhance the mod greatly when used in unison, and I use these mods as well
Bullet Impact Euphoria
Realistic Ragdolls v1.1 Note: You only need materials.dat from this mod if you want to install this, but I highly recommend this and the mod above!
Realistic Driving and Flying EFLC 1.3 Note: I would use advanced helicopters and realistic/high damage on vehicles, but I have included a version of the mod above that has been balanced for the BBC mod.
Real Recorded Gun Sounds

I will also include customized versions of the handling.dat mod that have balanced and tweaked for the Better Ballistics and Combat mod in the download itself on versions 1.1 and onwards.

Weapons' stats modeled after:

Pistol -> Glock 22, .40 S&W : 15-rnd mag, 90 max
Desert Eagle -> IMI Desert Eagle, .357 Magnum : 9-rnd mag, 90 max
Shotguns -> Any 12 gauge, heheh...
 Pump-Action: 5-rnd tube, 60 max
 Semi-Auto : 8-rnd tube, 60 max
Micro-Uzi -> IMI Micro or Mini Uzi, 9mm : 40-rnd mag, 400 max
MP10 -> H&K MP5A5, 9mm : 30-rnd mag, 300 max
Assault Rifle -> AKM, 7.62x39mm : 30-rnd mag, 300 max
Carbine Rifle -> M4, 5.56x45mm : 30-rnd mag, 360 max
Scoped Rifles ->
 Bolt-Action : 7-rnd mag, 70 max
 Semi-Auto : 10-rnd mag, 70 max
Rocket Launcher -> RPG-7 : 8 rocket max
Projectiles ->
 Molotovs and Grenades : 20 max
NudasPriest commented over 5 years ago:
I will upload an alternative mirror to download the mod, along with an updated version and recommended mods to use in junction with the mod.
azhukauskas commented over 5 years ago:
This is just what I wanted, can't wait until it is released. Thanks.
NudasPriest commented over 5 years ago:
I hope some of you don't think this mod makes GTA IV too hard or easy. I have tweaked accuracy but enemies can still kill you pretty easily, whether you're moving or not. It feels like you have to try to avoid their bullets when you end up dodging them, for the most part.
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