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Big City Life - Basic Needs Mod
Adds a need system and much more...
Information Files
Author: DonSalami
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 0.3
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 14 Sep 2012
Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012
Views: 22666
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.16667 (6 votes)
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GTA IV Big City Life Ė a basic needs modification

Alpa-release 0.3

What started as a small hunger modification now turns out to be something much greater.
This script modification brings new functions to the game, which I missed from the very beginning: It adds a need system consisting of four different needs: hunger, sleep, fun and social activity. Each need offers special advantages and disadvantages, according to itís current value and was designed to fit into the game as smooth as possible. If you are very hungry for example, your health level will decrease, thus you wonít be able to take too much damage. If you are well stuffed, you will get a small health bonus. So better donít go outside to play with the bad boys if you are hungry!


. *NEW in 0.3* Added the missing carrybag if you carry several items
. *NEW in 0.3* Intelligent inventory system. Allowing to buy more than one item of a kind and having more items ingame than inventory slots available
. *NEW in 0.3* Added custom model for sandwich replacing the burger model
. *NEW in 0.3* Added custom food such as bagels(finally) and icecream
. *NEW in 0.3* No more buying items when inventory is already full or player hasn't got enough money
. *NEW in 0.3* Added possibility to remove items and weapons from the inventory
. *NEW in 0.3* Added possibility to switch between a vanilla GTAIV shop version and a non-vanilla version with real shops
. *NEW in 0.3* Added carry weight system: carrying to much stuff will slow you down
. *NEW in 0.3* Further customization options: altering Keys, enable/disable Vanilla/Reallife-Version, enable/disable Carryweight systems
. *NEW in 0.3* Added more theaters, restaurants and shops all over the city

. *NEW in 0.2* Many Customization options: Switching on/off needs & mood, edit changing need-rates, disable/enable the ability to visit shops, restaurants, theaters & editing prizes
. *NEW in 0.2* Inventory is now saved when saving the game
. *NEW in 0.2* Added Broadway theaters to visit, which will greatly fulfill your need for fun
. *NEW in 0.2* Added grocery stores and restaurants in Brooker and Alderney
. *NEW in 0.2* Added more beanmachine, Fanny Crab's, Squid Row and other restaurants all over Liberty City
. *NEW in 0.2* Added location blips so you can find all interesting new places on the map
∑ Need system with four different needs and a special mood-value
∑ Needs are saved when you sleep in a bed and save your game so they donít start at zero every time you play the game
∑ Needs influence important values such as health and accuracy
∑ Many different ways to fulfill your needs:
∑ Fun: Speeding, riding a bike, flying a helicopter, watching TV, playing a video game, reading a newspaper or reading a book, playing pool or bowling or simply watching the city through a binocular
∑ Hunger: eating food from the fridge, buying food from street vendors, buying food in fast-food restaurants, take a donut to go at Hersheyís or visiting fine restaurants all over Liberty City
∑ Sleep: Get a fresh coffee at BeanMachine/Starbucks or rest in your apartment-bed
∑ Social: phone a friend (not very elaborated yet)
∑ Inventory with 20 slots, taking into account your weapons and everything you buy on your way trough the city
∑ Shopping food at the grocery and take your purchases home to refill you fridge

Bugs fixed in version 0.3
∑ Fixed bug which caused health bar to act weird in some cases
∑ Fixed bug which caused need changing rates to go back to default after a short while of playing
∑ Removed blips to temporally fix the bowling and pool minigame as well as the taximeter bug
. Many other small bugs smile.gif

Bugs fixed in version 0.2
∑ Fixed bug which caused game time to freeze after visiting restaurant or grocery
∑ Fixed bug which prevented sleep value from being reduced correctly after saving in bed and loading the game later on
∑ Fixed bug which caused inventory to vanish after restarting the game
. Many other small bugs smile.gif

All in all, there are many new things for you to discover. Please note that this modification is in a very early stage and needs further improvement. I have spent many weeks working on this for now, but there may still be lots of bug and things to improve or implement.
I would really appreciate any kind of feedback.
One last thing: Please donít be scared of the file size, the script comes along with a lot of custom graphics and is therefore comparatively big.
Read the manual for further information.

Best Regards

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Big City Life 0.3 available
I am happy to tell you that version 0.3 is out. Have fun!

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