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Material Effect Export Tests
Information Files
Author: DexX
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Jun 2012
Last Updated: 08 Jun 2012
Views: 5361
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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This is a tool to export Renderware dff files with various types of material effects applied. It is not meant for GTA specifically. The exported models will not work directly in any GTA game due to the tool being built with a different version of Renderware (3.7 - San Andreas uses 3.6).

From the readme;
Material effect test

Written to export meshes of various material effect types, as the exporters floating aroun the web for 3ds max are old and will not work with newer versions of 3ds max. This sample will load a dff file from the model.txt file. It assumes the "models" directory. I strongly recommend using just the default sphere. Models from GTA:SA will likely crash, as i have not replicated any of the renderware plugins R* coded, and RW doesn't know what to do with the custom data.

Use the arrow keys to navigate all menu options.
Enable material effects to view any of the available types. The view is static, and there is no way to move or rotate either the camera or object.

Enable the effects, set the type you wish to have, and adjust whatever variables. Enable "Dump Clump" to save a model and text file (same names) in the root folder. The option will reset when the file has been ritten to disk.

Exported data will be rw 3.7. The models need to be converted to 3.6 to be usable in GTA:SA / rw 3.6.

UV Transformation only sets the material parameters, but does not actually animate at this time (the exported data should still be accurate though).

Dual source and dest modes are only supported in DUAL/DUALUVTRANSFORM. I forgot the specific combination for lightmaps.

All material types should be usable in GTA:SA, provided they have NO other R*-assigned render plugins (that means no night vertex colors, etc). The render plugins developed by R* will override the Renderware material effects. In order to force the atomics to use the standard Renderware material effects, they only need to be exported without custom rendering pipelines assigned. For buildings and static objects, this is simple as the plugin data is attached to the dff model file. Vehicles are hardcoded to the custom rendering pipeline and cannot be altered via the dff. The skin pipeline was built with OUT the material effect pipeline attached (skinned meshes have their own), and cannot use any of this.

2:59 PM 6/8/2012
Leonharts_E commented over 9 years ago:
hi DexX, can you make ifp tools, a simple tool to view/combine/or maybe edit some .ifp animation, i know 3ds max can do it, but it's hard and not everybody have it...
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