Drug dealers of sa
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Author: Freakingfreak No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Beta 0.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 04 Dec 2006
Last Updated: 07 Dec 2006
Views: 42473
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.73684 (19 votes)
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welcome to Sa underground illegal trafficking world.
you will start as a small time pusher selling his home grown weed .
there r no rules here , you can stay small time pusher hanging around the hood with the homies, hassling for small cash , or, engage in huge mass dope transactions worth millions , be advised though , the more illegal substences you carry on you will most likely attract more heat from the police, in the case that they will get you they will take your dope and some of your cash too (hey they have kids to feed as well ). as you roam around the streets you will be aware of potential dealers and customers by a blue marker above the person and on radar , at that point you will be able to choose engaging in a deal or walk away if you are not intersted , you will be able to buy or sale your dope by foot or by car&bike.
you will have access to your cellphone which you can use to call for special usall services like ammunation takeaway service , or fast food delivery, or for more shady services like calling your corrupted cop "buddy" that will be happy to take off your wanted stars for the right price (more stars = the more cash he'll want) , or bodyguards agency to call for back up+more
you will be able to buy properties&houses around the state, buy any car model available in game, and of course be able to save your progress .
also includes a player selection menu with more then 100 skins to choose from, and food only used to restore hp (not decreasing if you are not eating)
gang wars are enabled and you will be able to fight for new territories, by that you will ensure that your "biz" wont be disturbed by rival gangs .
+more .
Beta includes all this features beside the props,
tough a very limited number of props are available to buy .
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