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Ultimate Destruction
Bomb Drop v2 + Plane Guns + Airstrike
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Author: Yangster No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 30 Nov 2006
Last Updated: 01 Dec 2006
Views: 24870
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.66666 (12 votes)
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Installation instructions and screenshots are in the zip file, as the picture database is down.

Bomb Drop v2

Press and hold HORN in the Hydra or Rustler, or press HANDBRAKE in the Hunter, to release a stream of bombs. You get wanted stars just as if you were using missiles.

- Momentum transfer to bombs is now realistic even in hover mode
- Bomb rotates and oscillates realistically now, just as the in-game RCBOMB does
- Explosions no longer travel up column of bombs, so you can drop bombs at a lower altitude without being fried
- A lot less crashy. Number of bombs is limited only by max number of running threads, approx. 70+ bombs simultaneously without crashing

- New bomb model -> Huge thanks again to Picolini!

Known Issues:

- When too many bombs are dropped, not all explosions are rendered (due to the engine's limitations)

- Avoid dropping bombs in first person mode, especially when travelling at high speeds, or the game may crash.

Plane Guns

Press FIRE in the Hydra, Dodo, Skimmer, Maverick, Police Maverick, or SEC FIRE in the Hunter or Rustler to deliver a blistering burst of machine gun fire.

- Customized firing offsets and muzzle flash location
- The Hydra has a higher fire rate (6000 rounds/min) and spread for enhanced aerial combat
- Vehicles destroyed and number of passengers killed is added to stats (unfortunately, no wanted level stars and pedestrians killed is not added to stats)


Press CROUCH + JUMP simultaneously to spawn an RC Baron at your location. Normal controls, Press FIRE to use machine guns, ENTER/EXIT to return to CJ, or HORN to call in an airstrike at the RC Baron's location.

Note: there's no point in calling an airstrike too far away from CJ's position as everyting will just disappear when you return to CJ, unless they are mission specific peds/cars.


I've also included my vulnerable tanks mod, so you can destroy Rhino's with airstrikes and bombs. It takes
4 rockets/bombs to do the trick. However, any Rhino you are driving will still be explosion-proof, so feel free to ram any cars.

Finally, I've included a mod that allows you to choose your fighting style. Press SPRINT + ACTION to cycle through: Default, Boxing, Kung Fu, Kick-Boxing, and Ultimate Combo.

I discovered Ultimate Combo by accident, due to a coding error. It's a loop that constantly changes CJ's fight style. By tweaking the time between each iteration, you can change the combos. I've fiddled around a lot with it and this is my favourite. Very fun to play with... Try it!
minhtroller commented over 3 years ago:
SaviOur_JezZe commented over 7 years ago:
fighting style mod? :)
karial commented over 7 years ago:
i seem to be havin difficulty with it... downloaded it, extracted it, backed up the files, replaced as advised usin imgtool and loaded up, its not doin it? any thoughts?
Dylan_M commented over 9 years ago:
from expirance, is it ok if you get some pics, last time it crashed my game, not this mod though.
Deji commented over 10 years ago:
 QUOTE (erustad @ 17:58, Dec 09 2006)
thanks for this, i especially like the machine guns on the hydra, cause the flares are useless

The flares are for distracting any bombs that lock-on to you. they are actually VERY usefull if you like flying over area 69...
Deji commented over 10 years ago:
Can you please give a link to download the fighting style mod? I really want it but don't want the rest due to the amount of mods currently on my game...
ivan-andric commented over 10 years ago:
erustad commented over 10 years ago:
i get a 403 error (forbidden) when i click the download button...:( i only REALLY want the plane guns... other stuff looks good, but not stuff i really need.
glyth commented over 10 years ago:
404 error for me please mirror yet:(
Raykinator commented over 10 years ago:
Oh Yes! I love it, AIRSTRIKE :cool:
Airstrike FTW :lol:
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