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Vice City Recover
Let's back to 80's!
Information Files
Author: sebejszczyn
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.97b
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 25 Mar 2012
Last Updated: 26 Mar 2012
Views: 42816
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.58536 (41 votes)
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Grand Theft Auto
Vice City Recover®	
San Andreas Mod	
WARNING! Before you'll rate it to 1 (Poor) or what, wait for download, because it can be not accepted by GTAGarage admins yet!

1. GTA Vice City Recover is a modification, witch one to refresh memory of good, old
Vice City, on San Andreas engine. Now tou could to
relook old places with swiming, climbing, in car, on foot and on the boat.
Let's back to 80's!

2. What we have done:
- 12 skins of Tommy Vercetti,
- more than 50 converted and refreshed cars,
- 30% animations (standing, running, walking... ),
- 99% map,
- HUD and fonts,
- 95% weapons,
- some pedstrains,
- all radiostations,
- weather,
- weapon lighting rings
and much more!

3. Team:

- elMarco - idea maker, mod leader, converter of map, cars, anims, radiostations, peds, skins,
 weapon, CLEO scripter, graphic.
- Juarez - scripter, author of HUD, map converter.
- Luten - help, converter of Xbox cars, car and peds paths premission to some files Vice City Stories PC Edition.
- Zero// - peds and cars paths converter.
- _F_ - car converter and refresher.

Special thanks to:
- HackMan128 - San Andreas Own Radiostacions.
- kowal125xr - Vice Cry 1.6-1.7 (to download, check out our topicks at and forum).
- Steve - Map Cleaner.
- Seemann - Sanny Builer 3, HUME.
- Rosman - some help with graphic, one of best friends.
- yoyo2 and ALMOST610 - converted XBOX Cars and wheels in VC format.

4. How to install:

To install mod, you just must to copy "GTA Vice City Recover" folder,
and put somewhere on your hard drive. Then copy this all "audio" folder, from your original GTA SA,
and put it to GTA VCR main directory. If you havent got radiostations (read WARNING), run game by
gta_sa.exe, but if you got them, run by gta_vcr.exe. Have fun!
Many people please me to make to packs of mod: one with standard version, second with radiostations.
How you can guess, this version haven't got them. You want it?
Check out our topic at to download it.

5. In game:
To choose one of 12 Tommy skins, you could to press "Q", and click "Shift" when you choose them.
When you press "Enter", you'll leave choosing menu.
*To spawn some nice cars, you could to download Car Spawner (link down):

6. Some words:

Beta 0.97b have much more stuffs than 0.96a. We fixed most bugs, crashes, and now you can explore
all map. There's some crashes in golf area, but we will try to fix it in next beta. For now c'ya!

If you want to know progress of mod, look here:
Forum -

Copyright© 2011/2012 by elMarco's team™. All rights reserved.
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