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Deigo Vega Skin
This Mexican is looking for trouble!
Information Files
Author: Arcade-kids
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 14 Feb 2012
Last Updated: 03 Mar 2012
Views: 5684
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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The Diego Vega skin

~made by Arcade-kids

So this skin is a recolored model of the original Claude Speed. Here's what I used to make the skin:

~Game Maker
~MS Paint (Window 7 version)
~TXD Workshop
~The HD Claude face

Credit goes to OnePiece for HD Claude skin.
Hope you enjoy this, but:
Please don't disrespect me; I am a newbie to skinning/modding,

Just extract the .bmp image into the Skins folder of you GTA III folder. That's about all.
But the mod might not work if other mods are mixed in; it is your own potential risk.

Q: When I install and load the mod in GTA III, it displays all sloppy/broken.
A: I don't know why, but maybe you have other mods mixed in with this one. Perhaps you should first install a CLEAN GTA III, and then install the XBOX mod. It may also be that you are loading my Xbox skin in your copy of GTA III WITHOUT the XBOX mod installed, or you are loading the PC skin in your modded version of the game that's running the XBOX mod.

Q: The mod looks very dark, or I can barely see it, or it displays funny!
A: This maybe your computer. If you have older computer models, this may happen; It just depends on the computer model. Modern
desktops, for example, may display it a bit "hi-res" or fully colored. Classic desktop computers are more likely to display it black,
or shaded.

Q: How can I load the mod after I installed it?
A: Go to Options -> Player Setup -> Then select the "Player" skin. You should see it...

Q: When I drive to the laundromat in the first mission, after they change clothes the game crashes!
A: Hmm... you may have too many TC mods (total conversions) like the Xbox Version mod.

Also, the XBOX skin is available only if you have the XBOX mod for GTA III. The XBOX version of Diego is recolored, (The skins may be a bit spaced out, and the models are a little narrower and sharper/smoother than the plain PC ones), so make sure you install the right Diego skin. If you're going to install the PC version of this skin, then don't install the XBOX mod. These two versions CANNOT co-exist with each other.
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Arcade-kids commented over 7 years ago:
I might put him in my new game i'm making, it's called Price Down. (I'll show it to ya soon, but for now, it's in progress. :happy:
Arcade-kids commented over 7 years ago:
I am also going to add a new recolor, and doing Steve Jobs.
Arcade-kids commented over 7 years ago:
Because I didn't have photoshop, and that I used transparent paintbrushes in Game Maker. while MS Paint sadly does not... :blush: but I will change the colors... uh, maybe. :r*: Don't worry Diego, I'll save you from ultimate failure! :nervous:
susake32150 commented over 7 years ago:
why you use game maker for?
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NEW Update
A new update to Diego Vega skin V1.1 Replaced the old glasses with the cooler-looking ones. Corrected hair errors... Darkened the pants color. Darkened the jacket color. Lightened the color of shoes. that is all... If you have Game Maker or Photoshop (don't use those player-skin makers, they're meant for the plain PC GTA 3 like Bri-Skin), you can put in your custom face, pants, and so on parts.

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