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Mixed Supernatural Powers Mod
Assortment of Superhero strengths for CJ
Information Files
Author: andywongusa
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V2.0 Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 17 Sep 2006
Last Updated: 16 May 2010
Views: 84672
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.23078 (26 votes)
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Compiled and modified by Tian Wang aka andywongusa.

Incredible mods with different kinds of effects, which make CJ more powerful and interesting.

GUARANTEED BY PLPynton , Demarest, Spaceeinstein, Tomworld10 and Viper187.
Credit to GTAForums.

INSTALL: Back up your origianl data and text, PUT main.scm and script.img into C:/Program Files/ GTA San Andreas/ data/ script
(Default), PUT american.gxt into C:/Program Files/ GTA San Andreas/ text(Default).


SupermanCJ, MagnetoCJ, VehicleGun, and BLow me away Mod, Never fall from motorbike, Vehicle Chooser, Vehicle Unflip, Get lots of SMG,
Updated CJ NeverDie, CJpiss, Home Brains, Metric Speedometer, CJ as Passenger and Drive-by, Destructive Taichi, Rocket Booster for vehicle
and Fabulous Mission Chooser.

And perfect beginning: no wanted level entering any city, no any blockades, all interiors are open, perfect stat of CJ, ALL properties
are purchasable from the beginning, All indicators are on the radar, CJ has six girl friends from beginning and Hot Coffee is uncensored,
make your girl proud and 1 million dollars for you.

ENTERING motorbike instead of BMX will set territory riot activated and make Fabulous Mission Chooser functional.

Any one who want to tweak this mod, you will be allowed permission to modify. Any modification used in buisness will not be
allowed any permission except condemnation.

Any problem can be delivered to [email protected]

More details in Readme.
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