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IPL Helper
Place car(s), enex(es), garage(s) etc any where
Information Files
Author: xmen
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 5.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Sep 2006
Last Updated: 05 Jan 2010
Views: 58749
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.84615 (13 votes)
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In V.1.0

Weapons Placer
Vehicles Placer
Cull Maker
Zone Maker
Enex Maker
Garage Maker

In V.2.0
Audio Placer
Color Picker(Vehicles Placer)
Now More Easy To Use
Open IPL, Edit and Save
... etc

In V.3.0
-great and new look
-more easy to use
-removed some bugs
-and more...

In V.4.0
-removed all bugs
-cull is editable
-audio type 1 supported
-more easy to use
-less probability of crashing
-more intellisence and fast
-and more...


In V.5.0 BETA 1
-New Stylish Look
-Open upto 30 IPLs at a time (in Tabs)
-Read/Write binary IPLs (i.e. Decompile/Compile binary IPLs)
-Less chance of errors
-Jump Placer
-ID Checker (to findout undefined IDs)
-IPL Checker (to findout errors in IPL, supports all IPL contents)
-IPL Info (supports all IPL contents)
-Intellisence, Fast, Accurate and Safe
-More Flexible, Easy to use
-Change Font, Color, Auto-Save Interval, etc


-Added comments option
-Added copy, paste etc options
-Fixed Enex Placer
-Fixed JumpPlacer
-Fixed Vehicle Placer
-Fixed List of line(s)
-Fixed decimals (i.e. 0.000000)
-Fixed rotation
-Fixed Input Fields
-Fixed other small bugs
-Updated Info Vault


-Fixed Vehicle Placer (Added radian)
-Fixed Weapon Placer (Fixed bug)
-Fixed Jump Placer (Fixed bugs and image)
-Fixed Enex Placer (Added unknown field, added a tooltip, replaced fields)
-Fixed Garage Placer (Increased Width, added a tooltip)
-Fixed Audio Placer (Added a tooltip)


-Added Multiple Open and Drag Down Feature
-Added Enex Type Editor
-Fixed Application Running Error
-Fixed Enex Placer
-Fixed GUI (overlapping etc)
-Fixed Info Vault
-Fixed IPL Checker
-Fixed Lines List
-Fixed Rotation
-Fixed Vehicle Placer
-Fixed Some Internal Bugs


-Added LOD Placer
-Added New Settings
-Added Sorting Option (even LODs assigned)
-Fixed GUI Bugs
and more new features added

For any problem or suggestion, post in this topic
Comments News
Adri CJ commented over 9 years ago:
one question, How can I do for an AT400 hangar style door (but for a vehicle save garage)?? I mean to make the door open to the ground and close to the top?? Thanks.
AlexT2145 commented over 10 years ago:
Mattatatta commented over 12 years ago:
Are you still working on a Saved Game Updater? That feature would be superb for this tool as it shall mean that we don't have to start a new game and then hack it to check areas that aren't unlocked at the start of the game, like placing new weapons in SF or LV for example.
Twister Ball commented over 12 years ago:
hey whats the difference between all those beta 4 beta 5 beta 3? :/ :/ :( :dontgetit: :cry: :sarcasm: PLEASE TELL ME IF you KNOW
rotorblade commented over 12 years ago:
Some weird thing: V5.0 isn't compatible with Windows XP (probably), but V4.0 is. WTF? For your next release (6.0?) make it compatible with Win XP please. :sui:
rotorblade commented over 12 years ago:
IPL Helper doesn't seem to work under Windows XP, which is a shame. I have .NET 3.5
Omar faruk commented over 12 years ago:
Your mod not work whyjavascript:InsertSmilie(':(';) smilie
DILLON 2244 commented over 12 years ago:
when you open it how do you place cars and stuff cause the page is blank ?
alimkanji commented over 12 years ago:
:) excellent tool dude i need some help here i use ur tool 5 beta 6 but frnd we need to start a new game and thats not good for me can you help me out here how can i use ur tool with my save files.. : )
GTA Men commented over 13 years ago:
how can i make a garage for my self? :sarcasm:
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