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Kidnapping Mod
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Author: Chased
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 13 Dec 2011
Last Updated: 10 Sep 2012
Views: 67077
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.86361 (22 votes)
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With this mod you can kidnap any ped you want and wait for ransom
Go near a ped while having a 9mm equipped and Press ''L'' If they puts hands up you can proceed, else select another ped to kidnap. At this point the hostge cannot move you have 15 seconds to enter in a car or game crashes. after 15 if you are in a car hostage will ask for help and enter in your car. you have 3 Wanted stars now you have to not let poice save hostage for 5 Minutes. The looks can look dead at this point but is not true just wait 5 Minutes and then some1 pays ransom. at this point if hostage is not dead some1 pays the ransom and you will release suspect adn you will earn +4 Wanted stars. enjoy mod (:!
In the new update hostages will now follow you also on foot and game dont crashes. also fixed ransom system, if the hostage is died, you will not recieve the ransom. Else yup:D!

(Time before ransom changed to 2.5 Minutes... )
Now the kidnapped hostages can be tied up with no conversation key. they will be freezed and you can visit they all times you want. Press Yes conversation key for ask a ransom(Only if you wish, you can also keep the hostage tied forever (XD)).after 5 MINUTES(Real life time) you will gain 15.000$ and 4 Stars, but if the hostage is died you will gain only 5 Wanted stars after 5 minutes.
AdamX777 thanks for the suggestion, im happy to say that the mod is almost done and ill public a BETA version soon thanks alot (;
The AdamX777's suggestions are going to be scripted (But not at all) for example i cant script a script to torture a victim... but here there are what updates ill do (For Now! im doing just a BETA!)Now you can break in houses and kidnap the house owners.(They Will follow you also out of interiors) Now you can kidnap with any Weapon (Also Disarmed) . Now the ransom ammount and time to pay it will be setted by the player (For example Ransom of 5.000$-1 In game hour wait time, 1.000.000$(MAXIMUM!) 48 In game hours time (48 Minutes).. the ransom place will be chosen by you by putting a marker on the map. Now if you dont tie up somewere the kidnapped in a certain time, he will try to alert the cops! there is a chance that at the ransom place, the friends\family of the kidnapped doesent pay you but will call the Cops, the kidnapped and the Friend\Familiar of him will try to run away, in these cases i suggest you to kill the kidnapped... but is a your choice XD, in the final Update i also will put that after kidnapped a guy, and retrieved the ransom cops will search for you and if you are near to a cop they may recognize you! BETA Total Completed:20% ABORTED. NEW VERSION POSSIBLE RELEASE: Menu showable up when you kidnap a person. Meet the Kidnapped's Family to get the ransom in wathever place of the map by putting a marker on it Select the ransom you want. More money=More Time and Viceversa. Dont get too close to a cop with the kidnapped, or he may ask for help.
Chased commented over 5 years ago:
This mod is uncompatible with many others such as my LAPDFR mod... any mod that checks if a ped is close to you and define him as an actor will cause problems with this mod, to resolve the problem use only 1 Mod of those at time.
vimukthi wishvajith commented over 5 years ago:
My game Crash when using this mod :/
Chased commented over 5 years ago:
Ehy adam welcome back giving suggestions!;anyway ming a cleo mod is not so simple ill finish the reviving mod and this one before working on more... Anyway the mod to make cops come in ur hpuse is good but the model of the cops makes the game crash in some interiors and san qndreas has a sh*tty interiors system... When you enter an interior to make the game not lag the engine unloads all the map and loads some interiors that are really lcated in 10 kmts of height so the player cant reach them. For make the game dont lag in certain interiors of the cj houses the code doesent recognize cops so game will crash so to make the mod i must understand what interiors makes the game crash and remove them from the script
AdamX777 commented over 5 years ago:
Hey can I send you more requests? I got a whole bunch! Here's one: Spawn cover Think of that mod where ya spawn a ramp but instead it's a flat plank in front of you. BECAUSE when you're sitting on yer porch, the cops can shoot through your railing so you can't really camp there. Oh and here's another: a mod that... and this is a big one... a mod that removes all loading icons and adds those swinging doors, so cops can come in your house and stuff. Like in GTA 4 your safe house is connected to the world. And that can open up a sh*t TON of possibilities. Here's another: Furniture placement, allows you to go to furniture stores and buy furniture and manually put that furniture in cj's home so you can make cover for when the cops come. Maybe even a mattress fort! Gun emplacements! Pizza cannons! And yet another: more blood mod
Chased commented over 6 years ago:
Ask help in PM like others and i will help you (;
ThinManization commented over 6 years ago:
hey can you teach me how to make acleo script that will make ped follow me ?:blush: :bbq:
ThinManization commented over 6 years ago:
hey can you teach me how to make acleo script that will make ped follow
Chased commented over 6 years ago:
PS:Sorry man, but i took a look to your ''mods'' they are all stolen and dont created by you so they will be NEVER online and when an admin will check you will be probably banned and the mods will be certain removed... if you steel want help in scripting a YOUR OWN CLEO mod remove all files from your mods and say this text in descritpion ''Sorry for uploading these stolen mods... i mistaken please ignore it''And then PM me if you dont do it forgot about my help
Chased commented over 6 years ago:
Of course. First of all you must learn SCM Scripting lenguage (CLEO mods lenguage)Then you must download a compiler to compile your script once finished, use sanny builder 3 downloadable for free.There write you mod there in CLEO lenguage press ''Compile'' and the mod will be compiled in the format specified (.s, .cs, .asi) For more infos PM ME
Ramees.m.p commented over 6 years ago:
:cool: thanks for uploding this mod can you please tell me how to create a cleo mod
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