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All-Versions Adaptation
PS2A v0.5 Build 1 is available at GF Topic!
Information Files
Author: mcsim2401
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v0.2.5 PS2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 22 Nov 2011
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2012
Views: 35065
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.57143 (14 votes)
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Hello, this mod will bring some features (as graphics, as scripted) from all console versions (PS2 and XBOX) of GTA San Andreas to PC version. Who played in all GTA San Andreas platforms knows what I mean. For now wait for 0.1 PS2 release (It will be released today or tomorrow, screens will be added very soon).
WHAT'S ON PS2A v0.2:
- Enhanced color correction, giving the game more colorful hues
- Additional color correction, designed to increase the contrast and image capturing
- Sky that dependent to change by the color correction
- New texture or shader (optional) reflection for cars
- FX effects, converted from the PS2 version
- A new effect of sun haze, which is R *, for some unknown reason we were cut out from the PC version (BETA)
- Reduced the range of drawing, which sometimes creates a fog effect, as in the PS2 version
- Added improved PS2 lighting for pedestrians and vehicles

- PS2A v0.2 - Trailer #1
- PS2A v0.2 - Trailer #2 (ANNOUNCED)

PS2A v0.2.5:
- FIX: Fixed gamecrash after savegame loading.
- FIX: LV CC is now more bright.
- NEW: Adding PS2-look grass.
- NEW: Reconfigured ENBSeries reflections.
PS2A v0.2:
- FIX: Fixed darkness nights.
- FIX: Fixed high light of the sky at daytime.
- FIX: Fixed too yellow weather at countryside.
- FIX: Fixed too blue weather at San Fierro.
- FIX: Fixed low CC (Color Correction) at Las Venturas.
- NEW: Sky color is now more dependent to timecycle's CC.
- NEW: All draw distance values is now same as PS2's.
- NEW: More dark sky color at daytime.
- NEW: Edited some timecycle's CC colors.
- NEW: Some DAT files has been adapted.
- NEW: Added sunhaze effect
PS2A v0.1:
- First Public Release

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PS2A v1.0 is Closed
Unfortunately, I had to end the working with PS2A project, because 0.5 release shown me that a lotta people just stealing mod files in their mod-packs. Sorry. Wait some new projects from me.

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