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P38 Lightning
Goodbye Rustler, hello P38
Information Files
Author: pinky
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 13 Aug 2006
Last Updated: 14 Aug 2006
Views: 60201
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.89473 (19 votes)
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P38 Lightning to replace the Rustler.
This was aircraft scratch built to fit in with SA, it features working twin rudders and correct undercarriage action.
The Handling was set up to use OP9080's SA loader but will work without it no problem.

Enjoy flying her,
ELIX commented over 7 years ago:
OMFG!! F*cKING AWESOME!! have: :cookie: :cookie: :bbq: :breadfish:
markecccc889 commented over 8 years ago:
This mod doesn't work for me!When I open up GTA San Andreas, the game just crashes.Please help!
RadPig94 commented over 8 years ago:
sweet, this is one of the most memorable WWII aircraft of all time. nice upload :monocle:
JakeHarry commented over 8 years ago:
im now downloading it ^.^ going to miss rustler though D:
Jack Morris commented over 9 years ago:
Hi, A Great mod, But I'm new to installing mods and which document am I supposed to copy the performance data included in the readme to? Thanks, Jack
Reven857 commented over 9 years ago:
Awesome! a much better replacement for the rustler! Good work. :D :D :colgate:
disaster9876 commented over 10 years ago:
2 nice there are not much nice mods of rustler (i wanna replace all planes)
scizor555 commented over 10 years ago:
nice mod 99999999999999/10 (5star)
but....can u give me a copy of your Model (dff) editor
i wanna make my own planes too
because i am bored to submitting only txd
and weapon.dat/handling.cfg and savegames
i also wanna make my own model edits
Capt.Wildstar commented over 11 years ago:
I dont know why but it wont work it still crashes and i know i have 1.00
DragonKing commented over 11 years ago:
EDOT:damnit, double posted, sorry
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