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Delokitt, Ages Of San Andreas
Demo version for Shadow rider team only
Information Files
Author: kev_goku
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 09 Oct 2011
Last Updated: 09 Aug 2013
Views: 7926
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4 (3 votes)
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Currently being worked on by [email protected] kEV_GOKU Skander44

well... not really created from scratch

Red: Not done yet
Orange: Almost there
Green: Finished

K.I.T.T(Two Thousand)
-Super Pursuit Mode
 -Microchip jammer thingy (like emp)
 -Pursuit Mode
 -Tire pop
 -Car control (control the car infront of Kitt)
 -Call FBI
 -Hack COPs HQ(Wanted star to zero)
K.I.T.T(Three Thousand)
 -Series Attack Mode
 -Stealth Attack mode using Pilot attack mode as the body
 -Probably Sub Aquatic Mode
 -Probably Acuatic Mode
 -Different Ford Transformations
 -Rocket Launcher
 -Gatling Guns
 -Tire pop
 -Car control (control the car infront of Kitt)
 -Call FBI
 -Hack COPs HQ(Wanted star to zero)
K.A.R.R (Three Thousand)
 -Attack mode
 -Gatling Guns
DMC-12 Delorean
DMC-13 Delorean
The Delorean TM
DeloK.I.T.T (Two Thousand, DMC 12)
 -Hover mode
 -Time travel XD
 -Off Road mode
-Turbo Boost
 -Turbo Speed
DeloKI3T (Three Thousand, DMC 13)
 -Time Travel
 -Teleportation Module
 -Gatling guns
 -Rocket Launchers
 -RC other cars in front of it
 -Stealth Camo
 -Turbo Boost
 -Turbo Speed
GT-500KR model

Hopefully The SSC (I'm trying to make one at off the SA map because the SSC here is still ot ready)
Hillvalley 2015
Hillvalley (Whole of LA "well this is how I would Like it")

MArty McFly
Doc Brown
Michael Knight I
Michael Knight II
Doc G.

We Need Modders! help us! it's hard to complete this mod seeing as we're only 3 people and I ain't even that experienced yet...
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D.A.S.A. Project running slow
The Mod is taking a while I know we aren't the only ones creating a delok.i.t.t. mod but it seems we're the ones who are willing to make it look great and feel great and actually give it to the players so please for those who can help us please tell us :D

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