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Vehicle Audio Loader
Lets you edit audio properties e.g engine sound ID
Information Files
Author: fastman92 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 11 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2012
Views: 42300
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.2 (10 votes)
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Vehicle Audio Loader 1.2
An open-source plugin written in C++ and compiled as an ASI lets you modify
the audio properties of vehicles in game. Works for standard vehicles as well as for added vehicles.
Thus the tool is useful for modders who add new vehicles to a game.
You are invited to experiment with audio properties and find out what`s the point of unknown values.

Fully compatible with GTA San Andreas v1.0 [US] HOODLUM No-CD Fixed EXE & GTA: San Andreas v1.01 [EURO] No-CD/Fixed EXE
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Download Installation - Make sure you are using one of the following gta_sa.exe versions: 1. GTA San Andreas v1.0 [US] HOODLUM No-CD Fixed EXE: EXE size: 14 383 616 bytes 2. GTA: San Andreas v1.01 [EURO] No-CD/Fixed EXE: EXE size: 15 806 464 bytes Vehicle Audio Loader is fully compatible with both of them, 1.0 US and 1.01 Euro No-CD shortly. - You need to have ASI loader installed, it is already enabled if you installed CLEO Library. Otherwise you can download ASI loader from here: - Extract all files from "copy to GTA San Andreas from inside" in an archive to root of GTA San Andreas directory. Configuration - if you want to change properties of vehicles, open data\vehicleAudioSettings.cfg - Remember names aren`t static. It means you CAN add a new name if you defined a new vehicle in .ide file. So that vehicle audio loader is useful for people who add new vehicles to a game. Reloading vehicleAudioSettings.cfg - You need to have CLEO3 or CLEO4 library installed. You can download it from Reloading audio settings while game is running is possible thanks to "CLEO\Vehicle Audio Loader Reloader.cs" Type "VEHAUDIO" in game, message "vehicleAudioSettings.cfg reloaded" will be shown. Remember to spawn new vehicle each time you want to test changes. Audio settings won't be reloaded for already created vehicles in game. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Changes in this version 1.2: - Added CLEO script to reload settings while game is running - C++ code is better now - vehicleAudioSettings.cfg couldn't be displayed in Notepad correctly, since it requires "\r\n" instead of single "\n". Fixed 1.1: No visible changes, but source code is more clear. Also in 1.0 version i mistakenly uploaded Alexander`s Vehicle Special Abilities plugin instead of Vehicle Audio Loader. Request I invite you to experiment with audio properties and explain unknown parameters called field_ actually. License - You can share my mod anywhere as long my plugin doesn`t change the author. - You can share new .dat file with modified properties. Special thanks to: Alexander Blade - he did a first tools for editing audio properties, i just did it better. For example Alexander assumed float on +31, what gave unpredictable value, while float is on +32 in structure of VehicleAudioPropertiesStruct Next thing DoorSound isn`t integer, it is signed char, because it has gotten FF values for some vehicles which is -1 as signed integer. -1 means undefined, not configured in GTA SA structures and files. Last thing my vehicle audio loader is 1.0 and 1.01 compatible. Informations: Date of release: 17-09-2012 Author: fastman92 Version: 1.2 For: GTA San Andreas E-mail: [email protected] Visit // Good modders never quit the GTA modding
Flaqko commented over 4 years ago:
on my added car the horn is a bike horn and sounds weird driving
VillsRacer commented over 6 years ago:
May somebody help me? I have been using this tool for sound on added (not replaced) cars, but i cannot hear any engine or horn sound. Can only hear the sound of doors open/close :( :(
Cell Tennyson commented over 7 years ago:
 QUOTE (YenknaPCs @ 23:00, 11 Jul 2012)
:rampage: Worthless. Darn thing doesn't work. :rampage:
Asshole it does work you just a noob who can't understand it.
YenknaPCs commented over 9 years ago:
:rampage: Worthless. Darn thing doesn't work. :rampage:
Fatalpipe commented over 10 years ago:
Great tool man!!It's very good to know that people still making this awesome game even better...
methodunderg commented over 10 years ago:
Very nice tool; and I like your last comment lol :r*:
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