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Left 4 Theft: San Andreas
Explore San Andreas in the Zombie Apocalypse!
Information Files
Author: Revolution-Designes
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 10 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 11 Jan 2013
Views: 400129
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.62027 (79 votes)
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Left 4 Theft is a major modification for GTA San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Valve's Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and much, much more!

Left 4 Theft: San Andreas features 3 game modes:

- Survival
- Free Mode
- Fortress Mode

Each mode is unique and features it's own type of gameplay.

In the survival mode you will be dropped in one of the many locations throughout San Andreas where you will face endless waves of zombies. A wave contains around 20 zombies, each wave the zombies will get a little stronger. After 5 waves you'll get a refill for your basic weapons and after every 10th wave you'll get a more powerfull weapon like a sniper rifle or M4.

Free Mode
The free mode is by far the biggest part of the mod. Almost all hours of development have been dedicated to this mode. In the free mode you'll be able to explore San Andreas in the zombie apocalypse. You can choose to help out people, join factions, do missions or simply go shoot the hell out of some zombies!

Fortress Mode
This mode will make you defend your leader in a camp on a chosen location. You can buy and place objects, buy upgrades to stand against the waves of infected and also save your progress between the waves.


(More videos at my Youtube channel) Those who play(ed) Left 4 Theft will be able to download several mission packs in the coming weeks/months. Currently these mission packs have been released: Mission Pack #1 - Friends, Family, f*ckers (FFF) Mission Pack #2 - Forrest Survival (FS) Upcoming mission packs: None yet announced
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Mission Pack #2 released!
You will now be able to download Mission Pack #2 - Forrest Survival. This pack adds new missions to the Scavenger faction and slightly continues the story of the first Mission Pack.

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