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Arrest Warrant
notoriety mod with cop alert meters
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Author: AngryAmoeba
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.0.5
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 10 Oct 2012
Views: 26252
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.875 (8 votes)
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v1.0.5 - last updated October 8, 2012

This script adds a notoriety system very similar to Assassin's Creed. Gaining Notoriety - If the cops see your face during a chase, there's a % chance they'll identify you for the crime. - If you escape after being identified, the crime is added to your arrest warrant. - Your warrant is given a notoriety rating based on how serious your crimes were (1 star, 2 stars, etc.) - Press 0 on the numpad to show your current notoriety rating. Alerting Police - Your notoriety, behavior, and traffic crimes will alert police (see "Tips" below for more details). - Alert levels are shown as indicators over their heads.* - A green indicator means the cop is watching you. Yellow and red mean he's suspicious, and he'll investigate.* Starting Pursuits - If an investigating cop gets close, he'll stop you and ask for ID. Niko is an illegal immigrant, so you'll get 1 star. - With high notoriety (3+ stars) if a nearby cop becomes fully alerted, he'll recognize you. - If a fully alerted cop sees you bump someone or commit a serious traffic crime, he'll give you 1 star.* - If you hold a gun/explosive near a cop, there's a % chance he'll spot your weapon and give you 1 star.* - If you get arrested (or die during a chase), your arrest warrant will be cleared. High Alert* - Cops will be alerted more easily for a while after you escape a chase, if you were identified. - If a cop becomes fully alerted during this time, the previous chase will resume. - High Alert lasts 1 minute for every star on your warrant. Wanted Vehicles - Your vehicle can have its own wanted level, if it's identified during a chase. - Outside of chases, investigating cops might ID your wanted vehicle. - If your vehicle's wanted level is 3+ stars, it will alert cops on sight. - Stolen vehicles are often reported.* - Go to a Pay 'n' Spray to clear the vehicle's wanted level. Paying Bribes* - Press 5 on the numpad to arrange a bribe meeting. - At the meeting: . . . . Press 4 and 6 to cycle through crime levels (1 star, 2 stars, etc.). . . . . Press 8 and 2 to add and remove crimes from the bribe. . . . . Press 5 to pay the bribe. . . . . Press Delete to reset the current bribe. . . . . The notoriety value and bribe cost are displayed for each crime level. * Can be disabled in the INI.
This is a script for HazardX's .NET scripthook. Just extract the files into the 'scripts' folder of the .NET scripthook. Note: Make sure you have the latest scripthook version, v1.7.1.7.
General - Many settings can be tweaked in the INI. - Hold PageDown and press 5 on the numpad to disable/enable the mod. This won't clear your warrant or your wanted vehicles. Being Spotted - The chance of your face being identified depends on: . . . . your wanted level . . . . whether you're in a vehicle, and the vehicle's speed . . . . whether the cop is downed (but not dead) . . . . how long the cop has continuously seen your face - The chance of your vehicle being identified depends on: . . . . your wanted level . . . . your vehicle's speed and wanted level . . . . whether High Alert is active . . . . how long the cop has seen your vehicle - The chance of your gun being spotted depends on: . . . . whether you're in a vehicle . . . . whether the cop is currently interrogating you . . . . the cop's alert level . . . . the size of the weapon - All the above chances also depend on: . . . . your distance and notoriety . . . . whether it's nighttime and/or raining . . . . whether the cop is in a vehicle, and his vehicle's speed Alerting Police - How fast cops are alerted depends on: . . . . your speed, distance, and notoriety . . . . whether you're facing each other . . . . whether you're in a vehicle, and the vehicle's speed, damage, and wanted level . . . . whether you're breaking traffic laws . . . . whether you're near a dead or dying person . . . . whether you're holding a weapon . . . . whether you're walking into people, climbing, or jumping . . . . whether you've been too close to the cop for too long . . . . whether High Alert is active . . . . whether the cop has seen, investigated, interrogated, and/or identified you before . . . . how long the cop has investigated you - They are alerted much faster if your notoriety is rated 3 stars or more. - Alert meters will slowly drain, but only if the cop isn't investigating and can't see you. - Alert indicators only show on the map for cops who are in your character's line of sight (360). - Alert indicators will flash: . . . . White flash = alert level is higher than it's been before (bigger increase = more flashes) . . . . Gray flash = draining . . . . Blue flashes = fully alerted Investigations - If you break a cop's line of sight while he's investigating, he'll run to your last known position, try to guess where you went, and then give up if he can't find you. - If you're far away, the cop will jog for a while to close the distance. - If a cop sees you run while he's investigating, he'll be alerted very fast. (Using my Weapon Weight mod, you can "hurry" to walk faster.) - Cops in cars... . . . . will try to follow you while investigating, if you're in a vehicle. . . . . won't investigate until their indicators turn red, if you're on foot. Secondary Vision - As a workaround for cops who can't see far, cops in cars and/or investigating have "secondary vision". - Secondary vision is 360 and its range depends on the cop's alert level. - There's a chance, based on his alert level, that he'll see you in this field of view. Escalating Notoriety - A new crime is added to your warrant every time you escape after being identified (not including chases resumed during High Alert). - Eventually, the notoriety from these crimes can add up, increasing your notoriety rating. - Even 1-star crimes can add up to a 2-star notoriety rating, if you have a lot of them on your warrant. - Notoriety escalates slowly at first (thirty 1-star crimes = one 2-star crime), but it gets much faster at higher levels (five 2-star crimes = one 3-star crime). Recommended Related Mods - Less Cops in Liberty City by lilmcnessy Fewer police will spawn. - Halt Traffic Behind by HazardX, modified by me Makes NPCs stop behind your car instead of trying to drive around. - Weapon Weight by me Includes a "hurry" feature to walk/run/swim faster. - Prison Break by HippieCommunist Go to prison when arrested. Post bail or try to escape. - Ticket.cs, in the Mod Pack by HippieCommunist Pay a fine instead of being arrested when you have 1 star. - Farnsworth's Business Mod by Prof_Farnsworth Buy businesses and earn money for bribes.
Important Bugs - Your arrest warrant is only saved when you use a bed to save the game, not when the game autosaves. - Your arrest warrant is persistent across different savegames. Workaround: manually create a different ArrestWarrant.dat file for each save. - Patrolling cops usually only either ignore or shoot at NPC criminals. Workaround: disable PreventCopDeletion in the INI, or temporarily toggle the mod off until the NPC criminal gets chased away. Unfixable GTA IV Bugs - Most cops can't see very far. - The game AI can see through many things it shouldn't, like low walls, dumpsters, vehicles, vegetation, and people. - The game AI can't follow you through certain areas. Currently known to affect several alleys, one door, and one subway station staircase. - Sometimes, the game gives you 1 star for stealing a vehicle when you only tried to open a locked door. - Sometimes, the game thinks you committed a traffic crime when you didn't (e.g. it thinks a street is one-way when it's not). - The game fades the indicators over cops when you're close to them. Vehicle Bugs - If you commit traffic crimes while moving very slowly, the police won't notice. - Cops are really bad at tailing you in cars, often crashing or making pointless wrong turns. - Stolen vehicles don't get reported if they're empty and unlocked when you get in (this is a workaround to prevent your saved cars from being reported). Minor Bugs - At the start of an interrogation, alert indicators stop flashing for a moment. - During an interrogation, sometimes cops don't face you. - Calling Kiki Jenkins or Francis McReary to remove your wanted level doesn't prevent the crime from being added to your warrant. - Any cheats for removing your wanted level (including the Kiki/Francis ones) don't reset cop alert levels. Workaround: disable this mod before using the cheat. Incompatibility with Other Mods - Switching the player model with a trainer causes an error. Workaround: disable this mod before switching. - This mod conflicts with Wanted, Wanted Vehicle, Weapon Arrest, and Drive Felony by BR_Goianiense. - Ticket by HippieCommunist: Sometimes, cops will ticket you twice (or more) in a row.
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