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Police Roadblocks Spawner
Multiple Object Spawner V4 Soon!
Information Files
Author: Chased
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 04 Aug 2013
Views: 51478
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 3.58064 (31 votes)
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Hi guys this mod allows you to create police roadblocks infront of you! nice uh? you can use this for police
 actions for example set the police skin and the cop walkstyle and with mods like police chase etc this mod can be really usefull... you can spawn unlimited roadblocks but for prevent game crash the blocks disappear when you go away (200meters..)simply no? (U key)

V2 Completed.. blocks now doesent appear underground anymore!
Gameplay mod:

Version 3.0
Created interactive menu to spawn object by pressing ''U''(100%) Added Small Roadblocks option in menu to spawn the small roadblock of 2.0 version. (100%) Added Big Roadblocks option to spawn the big roadblock that is on the bridge (100%) Added in menu an option to spawn a Control tower (By area 69)(100%) Added Lots of objects to spawn such as SAM turrets etc.. (100%) Added Delete all command to delete all objects (a little buggy (he delets only the first objects that you spawned))
Open Source
This mod has open source. It will be in downloads, if you edit th emod you can add objects to spawn and fix bugs, sending it to me means that you will gain credits. YOU CANT edit the mod and post it like yours, the only thing that you can do is editing it and sendig it to me to have credits :D VIDEO
Site Under construction
To have the external link of v3 Go to the My Webstite Enjoy
MShadowThing is doing a new version, the v4 that will fix the ''destroy all'' bug and MAYBE add some objects stay tuned!
Jayfeather_98 commented over 3 years ago:
If you have sannybuilder open this script and look for the line "0AB0: key_pressed 85" Add a line "0AB0: key_pressed 17" right above it and change the "if" line to "if and". Now the menu is activated by holding CTRL + U. Alternative key values: .I noticed the objects spawn quite far away so guessing the spawn positions is rather tough when making a fort or whatever so you can just reduce the player coordinate offsets, specifically all instances of "04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 14.5 -1.3 ". Change the "14.5" to anything shorter (I used 5.0 since I'm used to the cheat menu mod using that distance for spawning cars). Recompile and you're all set.
Andika The Boys commented over 5 years ago:
So... I must Destroy All when i Cheat BAGUVIX, JCNRUAD, AEDUWNV?? That make me Mad!
Chased commented over 5 years ago:
Then use ''destroy all''
Andika The Boys commented over 5 years ago:
U key make me Hard to Cheat such as BAGUVIX, JCNRUAD, FULLCLIP, AEDUWNV :r*:
Chased commented over 5 years ago:
Thanks mate... But i dont have so much time actually... I will update the mod in the next months. Untill that time you can use the source by updating it by your own...
65536 commented over 5 years ago:
Awesome mod... My game didn't crashed while I using it, even when I have spawned more objects. :sigh: I will give some suggestions to its' author to make it better: 1. I think the key shortcut for displaying menu (U) should be disabled while CJ is inside clothing room and he trying or buying clothes in clothing shops (Binco, Pro Laps, ZIP, Victim, etc), and while he buying in Ammunation and Tattoo shops, or may possibly while he plays on games-machines in 24/7 shops, because opening menu in these cases may causes a problems. 2. This suggestion is optional, A) make spawned objects will automatically dissappear after 3 or 4 hours in-game (that actually are 3-4 munutes real time after they're spawned, because 1 minute on clock in game passes as 1 second real time), or B) CJ will have a limit for maximum number of spawned objects (for example 10-15), and when CJ reach the limit, he can't spawn more objects before deleting the ones that are already spawned. This would make that mod best, because it would prevents game's overloading and possible crash if there are too many objects spawned. 3. Adding an option Cancel which lets to leave menu without spawning an object or deleting already spawned objects. 4. My suggestions for more objects including in that CLEO are: fences (including ones on Airports), stairs, ramps, lampposts, road signs... Thanks! :xmas:
Andika The Boys commented over 5 years ago:
Okay bro... But i not using any sanny builder...
Chased commented over 5 years ago:
Maybe you are right i should change the key, anyway as you wish this mod is Open Source so you can edit it as you wish download the .txt source, edit it with sanny builder and compile the mod
Andika The Boys commented over 5 years ago:
THis mod is not okay... because when i do a BAGUVIX cheat, i must select one of barricade spawnder... If you can, make the SHIFT one... :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky:
Chased commented over 6 years ago:
The link works XD
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