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Kelol's Vehicle Stats Mod.
Handling of some vehicles based on real values
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Author: Kelol No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.13
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 28 Aug 2011
Last Updated: 09 Dec 2011
Views: 9949
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Only the NRG 500 is modded. There is no Suzuki model, but if you like, find a mod that has it and don't change stats except for dimensions. I will add more vehicles later. (for 0.11 there is going to be Harley Davidson fat boy handling + maybe a update for Suzuki) The acceleration of the bike is the biggest problem. It is quite slow for a GTA SA vehicle but it is based at real stats of hayabusa (2.7s for 0-100km, 7s for 0-200km). The stats are not real unless you use duck trick. (leaning forward a bit to duck behind handlebars) One thing is also a problem: it does not wheelie while accelerating unless you push wheelie button. That is because I could not make the bike to do wheelie without making sacrifices to acceleration or realism. (I tried to mod the force bike uses without buttons to lean back, but it drove under the ground?!) Some of the stats like weight, suspension, traction ratio and brake ratio are based on direct stats of Hayabusa. 6-speed transmission in SA is impossible. Brakes are weaker than orginal. (9 instead of 15) Brakes were just too unrealistically powerful. I tried to find real stats of Hayabusa braking power, but could not find anything. Installing is easy, just replace the handling file with this one. This works with 1.0. SA. For other versions you can try and I think it works because handling file is the same... Have fun!


Major update for Suzuki Hayabusa + new bike: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, replacing freeway's stats. Now the engine interia is based on the size of the engine. The drag is based on top speed, and the acceleration is based on real torque ratios. Fat boys acceleration is bit faster than the real (0-100km is 5s, real is 6s), but that will be probably fixed in the next patch. (0.12) In the next pach the new vehicle is KTM 125 Duke replacing Sanchez.


Sorry about not updating, since I have so much else to do and I have not found interest in this. I have had Its really hard to do real acceleration and top speed with real amount of vehicle weight. Especially with KTM, since top speed is so limited. So I tried million times and still, I am not so happy over the results. But, I gave my best shot. In 0.12 new vehicle is KTM 125 Duke. The suspension travels are now based on real values. In the next version (0.13) I am going to do my first car, and that is going to be nothing else than Bugatti Veyron.


Done. Even before 0.12 is accepted file. (takes days) Really much better than 0.12. That was quick, but I am really happy over results and Infernus handling is now Bugatti Veyron handling. I think acceleration is quite real compared to real bugatti. This time I got brakes accurately, although it locks without controller that has slider. (400km/h-0km/h braking in whopping 10 seconds) Suspension travel is based on real thing, and so are weight, turnweight, brake bias, grip ratio, of course top speed and acceleration and some other things. KTM and Harley got boost, now they are fast on downhill and duck trick and real without downhill or duck trick. KTM feels like moped, since SA has weird km/h. The Suzuki Hayabusa does not do a wheelie but is now way more realistic. (I couldn't get both without making it wheelie all the time.) I am hoping that in 0.14 I could get the dimensions right. But it is going to be hard. Anyway, enjoy the mod and 0.14 is coming, featuring Audi R8.
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Oh yea 1.3 is finally out
FINALLY. Took about 40 days :D Well, enjoy.

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