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Laws For CJ
better fine system in world
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Author: ajidehak
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 14 Aug 2011
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2019
Views: 41994
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (9 votes)
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Laws For CJ
Auther: Ajidehak Description i create it because you with your cj create very bad moments for people in san anderes, and i must say to people in san anderes that now end bad moment, i create for you better city better civilisation and better empire, now cj can't force on u, because when he want to damage to your car on police sight, he will wanted and should fine to police for all damages that reach to people, and i in the future create powerful law with better force law on your city... +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ when you accident price of your fine write on your screen then if you out your car when you not star then all price deleted but when you later drive with old car the fine price again show on your screen and if you drive with another car but when you again damage to other car , i come back your fine price to u. because you very bad man or lady. if you died or busted when you have fine, then this fine price minus of your money. hehehehehehehe you want heaven! you should pay that price... Installation u only need copy paste cleo folder in my folder to your gtasa directory. it's created for cleo3 but i think it should too worked on cleo4. Usage only accident with your car to another car in sa in police sight, then see what happen for your cj. Future i want add some line in my code for destroyed object with your car if you destroy any object in your sa with your car then you will should fine. ahhh i think your gtasa very vice city i want your city go to heaven. updated now "laws for cj" linked with "traffic light" when you pass red light you give 500$ fine please rate to my mods, when you good rate to me in future i create better mod for u
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ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
tanks erikn, i a little busy, but in future i edit and upload it.
erikn commented over 9 years ago:
As a note - this mod crashes the game when you try to jump in a car that previously had a ped occupying it (after throwing the ped out of the car). Great mod though.
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
hi mike, yes i am a persian man in persian land, in iran, the great country in the world.
mikeharison commented over 9 years ago:
:happy: your a persian i am a pakistani
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
hi joge , i think you must change your name and put new name with this name: "bug_finder" +=+=+ i think it better. yes? thanks again for your find new bug for my mod i again try to better it for you and other frinds. again thanks. i give to you my breads with name:barbari, tafton, lavash, sangak, all it for you :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
joge commented over 9 years ago:
dude there still a problem when CJ try to date 1 of his girl friends either the game crash and exit or when try to go on foot and then the girl came out then entering a any vehicle the girl immediately ab banded CJ. :*(
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
peace be upon you, (salame khoda bar shoma) +-+-+ thanks for your comment and bread, if you send to me a little more very better , yes? :D , ok, i try to better english writing and saying, but it very hard for me, because i a persian man, and my language very better than english(i beleave it)my old peaple in my country in older than 10 thousand years ago and it cause to me my kingdom very better and very older than all other in the world(u know anything about the city burned in iran or cyrus or dariush or ilam or sasanian or ashkanyan or hakhamaneshian or other empire in my country)+-+-+again thanks , and i try but...
GTA_1981 commented over 9 years ago:
This is a great mod you made. :cookie: And please, try to use proper English next time. :)
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
thanks for your suggestion and for this bug founded. in later moments you can hava the better ver of my mod and too other members, of course if site not lazy.again thanks a lot. :D
joge commented over 9 years ago:
dude that's cool... but it would be better if you make a law on the traffic lights as well. as if you cut through the traffic lights on (red light) and there is a cops around you should trigger it and fine will be added... keep it going mate :nervous: By the way... there is a problem affect with the main missions like when you start the mission "Rubbing uncle Sam" and you get into the Van with Ryder. Ryder go out from the Van like he never knew who you are and you continue the mission with Ryder sound only without the main character. :/
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congratulation to mine
please download my mod and test it if my mod good then rate my mod, if not comment to me and write what in it wrong, please. +-+-+-+edited+-+-+-+ i upload better ver of it with suggestion of my friend:joge. it linked with my other mod traffic light iq. now when you pass red light(of course with your car) then if police see u, then you give 500$ fine for this bad worked.

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