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Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Stats
The Best One and the Complete One
Information Files
Author: -Jimbo-
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V.8
Status: Complete
Started on: 11 Aug 2011
Last Updated: 30 Dec 2012
Views: 50021
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.44445 (18 votes)
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Hello Guys, i know i didn't impressed you with my first mod, but this one is the complete weapon theme from Modern Warfare 2 to San Andreas !  :D

This mod aims to change the already animations, which is a file of 12.kb instead of changing the whole animations from the GTA3.img file and make your game more heavy, Plus weapon.dat file includes some improvements such as their mag ammo, damage levels, accuracy levels, rate of fire levels, range levels and much more !

Don't forget to leave a comment, rate, and feel free to give any new ideas and suggestions ! Posting any noticed bugs will help improving the mod way better !

Installation : Replace my weapon.dat file with the original one at the data foldier of your game directory (Local Disk\Programm Files\GTA San Andreas\data). Open your game and use the cheat 'professionalkiller' to see this mod's result, training with them will have no effect from the original one, since all the effects are applied on the Max level (Hitman)

Have Fun! :)

*Notice* If i upload Pictures there will be no effect at all, so don't start bitching about it

*Version Final is uploaded and has the most realistic stats ever made by me.Here is the list with all the V Finals's features
<-V Final->
Pistol is now M9 Increased Damage, Rate of Fire, Accuracy
Silenced Pistol is now Silenced M9 Same as above but with less range compared to normal M9 since it has a silencer
Desert Eagle Increased Accuracy, Rate of Fire and Range
Shotgun is now SPAS-12 Increased Damage
Sawn-off Shotgun is now Ranger Increased Rate of Fire and Accuracy
Combat Shotgun is now AA-12 Increased Range, Rate of Fire
Micro-uzi is now MP5K Increased Damage, Rate of Fire and Accuracy
Tec9 is now Mini-Uzi Increased Rate of Fire, has worse accuracy than MP5K but the same range and damage
SMG is now UMP45 Increased Damage, Range and Accuracy
AK47 Increased Damage, Range and Accuracy
M4A1 Increased Damage, Range, Rate of Fire and Accuracy
Rifle is now FAL Increased Range, Damage and Rate of Fire
Sniper Rifle is now M82A1 a.k.a. Barrett Increased Damage and Rate of Fire

*Version 7.0*
<-V 7.0->
AK-47 Has now increased Rate of Fire, Range and Damage so it can match 100% with Modern Warfare 2
M4A1 Has now increased Rate of Fire and Range so it can match 100% with Modern Warfare 2
M82A1 a.k.a. Barrett is now switched to M200 CheyTac Intervention

*Version 8.0*
<-V 8.0->
Intervention is switched to M21 ERB, for people who like different tastes of a sniper rifle

All ideas and Opinions are welcome, I will make more versions only by mod requests, i'm done for the common version since i reached perfection. Please also reply if you notice any bugs

Have Fun !

~Bonus~ New american.gtx including all the neccesary modifications

Version 7.0 Is Uploaded !

Some people consider this mod awesome but they don't rate it awesome! (5 Stars) This gives disappointment to the mod author, and makes him/her that his moddification is actually dead

Update 3/11/2013 : 10K Downloads, thanks for your support guys !
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Takahiro855 commented over 4 years ago:
Bug on Latest Version: Tec9 only shoots 1 bullet per sec instead of shooting fast [This bug only happens when your Tec9 skills is on Newbie, and Gangsta Level, ]
commented over 4 years ago:
I Can't guess why your game is crashing unless you have more info about the crashes. Plus some crashes are not always related on the currect modification, if your game directory is loaded with other mods, it's mostly the overload that is causing the crashes Whenever you got time, reply me exactly how the crash happends.
commented over 4 years ago:
Why does my game crashes after playing for a while?
-Jimbo- commented over 5 years ago:
Thanks, i really appreciate it :colgate:
acahaca commented over 5 years ago:
WTFF :wtf: !!IT'S SOO FU**ING GREAT :blink: !!THANKS DUDE!... now i can defeat a heli with only AA-12 :) ... here have some cookiee :cookie: ...
Andika The Boys commented over 5 years ago:
This mod is awesome for kick some police asses :cool:
-Jimbo- commented over 6 years ago:
I had the same problem long time ago but i'm sure it's not because of this mod, because back when my pc had the same problem as you are discrubing was because it was overloaded with cleo mods and hq mods.My mod works fine, i've tested it on 3 different computers and no problems have occured.Try to reinstal every mod and your game, or if you still have problems, just save the files you need most and format it, then when you install it again test my mod 1st of all your mods and you will see that my mod isn't the problem, but the other mods you used
NixeaKip commented over 6 years ago:
I can't even start the game myself, the main menu triggers a 100% accurate instant crash (I have a backup so the only issue is how I won't be able to play this mod).
-Jimbo- commented over 6 years ago:
Probably because your game isn't used to the new weapon.dat and it crashed, it happend to me also once but after a few missions it worked fine p.s. Use the cheat 'professionalkiller' when you start a new game, or when you load one make sure all your weapons are on max status
mashupkingz85 commented over 6 years ago:
I installed the mod like you said to and all the guns work fine but when i use the micro smg, i click the right mouse button to aim, but the game then crashes :/i went back to using the original weapon.dat file and everything is okay. i think this usually happens during missions. Am i missing something? or maybe i didn't install it correctly idk. help please? this is an awesome mod! :)
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Version Eight Available
Version Eight is now online. Merry Christmas guys !

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