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Ambulance For CJ
now when cj dead, ambulance appear and...
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Author: ajidehak
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 10 Aug 2011
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2019
Views: 30225
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.08333 (12 votes)
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Ambulance For CJ
Auther:Ajidehak ///////////////////////////// Description when cj dead in outer INTERIOR, (INTERIOR 0) then maybe one of 10 ambulance, that appeared in your map with white color, may see cj and then camera turn in this ambulance and finally go to cj, but try dead without headshot or unvisible(when you in car and car explode body of cj not visible) or in water or in bigger 400 meter distance from ambulance because it not see u. and only one thing i used some code for camera because some mode like "real kill" when you hit from ground or gun, then give on your display some effect like "camera shake" and fading and "jiggle camera" and, i because was seen this mods then add some line for deactivate this bad effect on my mod, so don't worry for a little shake from camera, don't worry... and with another mod with name ambul marker you can see in radar any medic and ambulance with engine on with white marker. Install it's created for cleo3 but maybe worked in cleo4(I not test it) u only need to copy paste .cs files to your cleo folder. "ambul_marker.cs"and"ambulance_for_cj.cs" Usage only try to died. he he he he . and if you want to see medic and ambulance of his in radar only kill some peaple in street then wait for coming of medics. Future Changed if i can find better code for camera moving from cj to ambulance this mod can very better of this, and some code for change timer of cj death. My Topic please rate to my mods and please when you still not see my mod , don't bad rate to my mod, please a few think then rate to my mod
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ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
thanks for this idea. yes, in future i add your medic helicopter in game. thanks
rkorko commented over 9 years ago:
can you make this mod but instead of an ambulance picking you up it could be a helicopter that would be BEAST :alien:
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
please see your gtasa.exe size, if this = 14, 383, 616 bytes, then please start new game and if you now any problem, say me your cleo.asi size , if this = 122, 368 bytes, and now you have any problem then try to reinstall of your game and try to install the correct ver of it. and if you still any problem, now i not know what say to u. +-+-+edited+-+-+ maybe you use another scm code , if you use it, i think you should back to defult scm code.
bebiko132 commented over 9 years ago:
Can I install something wrong, I copied the instructions as a file, Ambulance_For_CJ.cs''and, Ambul_marker.cs''to C: games GTA San Andreas Cleo. And I have installed cleo 3 library with the fact that these two do not allow the file to run GTA. Even uninstalled all the other fashion I have only this your mod. And when you copy only one file to cleo file, ''Ambulance_For_CJ.cs GTA are my runs, but as it would kill Carla hangs, and after a while turns off my GTA
bebiko132 commented over 9 years ago:
Next I went back to v1.0 problem games 1st With this version installed as cleo 3 and copy only one file namely, Ambulance_For_CJ.cs''is a game starts and runs until Carl is killed dead as it freezes and crashes after a while my desktop. And install cleo 4 it does not boot. 2nd Cleo at v 4 or 3 as copy all the files, ''and Ambulance_For_CJ.cs directory, bonus''to the game to me it does not start the game immediately crashes me to the desktop. I do not know what to do, because it seems to me that the mod is the description of super, and I do not want to work
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
i think, you should come back to ver one, if you want use cleo mod, because i see in other forums and sited about gtasa, some scripters write for all gtasa users, only use ver 1.0 if you want use cleo mods without crash and if you want have stable gtasa only use ver 1.0_ i think if you back on the ver 1.0 my mod not crash with cleo4 because it very stable in cleo3 thanks
bebiko132 commented over 9 years ago:
I have installed the patch v 1.1 and v cleo 4th Maybe installing the patch v 1.1 v game will help. Because I tested without any fashion, and nothing further crash
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
hi, please write to me your ver of game and cleo, mine gtasa v1.0 us, and cleo3 if you too like me, then all other cleo mod in your cleo folder for moments cut to other folder and then test it because i test it without any cleo mods and this worked and i test it with 212 other cleo mods and too good, thanks
bebiko132 commented over 9 years ago:
Please help me as I threw this fashion is to me the game off game crash I have installed the patch v 1.1 and v cleo 4th Maybe installing the patch v 1.1 v game will help. Because I tested without any fashion, and nothing further crash
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
i upload it but site , still not allow it to share with you and other members. i upload it in two days ago. thanks for bread, where you buy it? :D
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wait for me
i found global timer and i could stop timer cj death , i worked on it for completed it for end.

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