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SA - Gangwars Vagos Vs. Grove St
Gang Wars August 2011
Information Files
Author: aro0fmagic
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1st
Status: Complete
Started on: 09 Aug 2011
Last Updated: 09 Aug 2011
Views: 7537
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (3 votes)
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(Use your imagination please)

You play as an Original Gangster. You start out in the hood with plenty of supplies because both gangs are rich from the drug trade. There is a struggle between the Vagos, The Grove Street members, and street crack dealers in between for control of the city. When you first start, every territory on the map is evenly distributed between the Vagos and The Grove Street family, as in each area is 50 percent Grove and 50 percent Vagos. Your total goal is to dominate the Vagos gang, to keep your territory clean of them, and to basically take over the entire map of San Andreas. I've created a level scale Via how much cash you earn through gang fights and killing people, or whatever else gives money, to add a sense of achievement. it's stated below:

10, 000 - Chump

50, 000 - Henchman

100, 000 - Street Thug

250, 000 - Street Warrior

500, 000 - Street Boss

1, 000, 000 - Millionaire

5, 000, 000 - City Boss

10, 000, 000 - Coke Lord

25, 000, 000 - Grove Street Master (Completed Game if Los Venturas, Las Santos, and San Fiero are owned completely by Grove Street)


 The weapons given are the weapons intended to be used. They have infinite ammo. I suppose you could use what ever you really want but I find these to be the most effective and not too omgOP!

This game save doesn't entend cheats to be used for it. It takes out the fun and the entire point of the game, there are plenty of health pick ups for fighting and saving your game frequently also gives you health.

 The time is set to run real time, IDK why I decided it to be that way I just did.

 There are no ballas in this gang war, this is before the ballas branched off from the Grove family. (Plus when trying to add ballas into the territory It crashes)

 This is just a basic game save, so put it in your folder and change the number if you don't want to over write your saved game data.

 I really need feed back from you guys. I haven't seen any good Gang War game saves so I decided to create this for the sake of your fun, entertainment and banishment of boredom.


If you crash when loading this game save please follow the steps of this video:

Here is the download link to the saved game, tell me if it expires or if it isn't working.

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