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Random Fashion Cars
u need it if you use tuner traffic nfs
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Author: ajidehak
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Aug 2011
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2019
Views: 23661
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.83333 (6 votes)
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Random Fashion Car
Auther:Ajidehak ///////////////////////////// now you can go to street and see fashion cars this mod very better when you use nfs.cs mod from "Zacthe_nerd" my mod not very complete and this crash some time but i worked on it and complete it. Install u should copy and paste .cs file in to cleo folder of gtasa directory it worked in cleo3 and it must worked in cleo4(i not tested) Usage only go to street and see fashion cars and default cars. in my code use random number for choose in two chance: default cars or fashion cars. "i must thank of zaz for help to me." my question and answer topic my topic please rate to my mods
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ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
darkfucion commented over 9 years ago:
friend I have a question as it is called the mod to have all the weapons you have available in the body to as the image of mod
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
please rate to my mode ;) tanks one member very fast one rate to my mod tanks a lot ++edited++ common , rate to my mod, this mod blow your gtasa, now rate to my mod :colgate:
ajidehak commented over 9 years ago:
in cleo folder his mod name nfs but in this site his mod name traffic tuner, all mod of this auther very good mods in all script for gta, my mod help you see in street only fashion cars, tanks++hehe i a little mistake only t and c in bad place his name "Zacthe_nerd" excuse me :colgate: :D
LegendPhoenix commented over 9 years ago:
The Author "zatche nerd" and his mods dont exist ^^
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bug founded
i found a bad effect in game with my mod, when you run near cj's garage , door not open. in the later moments i upload powerful script for correct my mod i think it final ver of this mod.

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brick bit bit bit
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