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Bombs Away
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Author: Yangster
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Jul 2006
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2006
Views: 39132
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.375 (8 votes)
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Firstly, a huge thank you to picolini for making the two superb bomb models included.

This mod allows you to drop two rows of bombs in the hydra when the HORN key is held.

- Cars blow up immediately if bomb detonates next to it
- You get wanted level stars
- Proper collision detection (you can blow up helicopters, etc with a direct hit)


In readme.txt

Other Stuff

- I am not responsible if your computer turns into a frog, etc.

- Do not ask me questions about the mod as I won't have time to reply. If you would like
 to change it or use parts or all of it in other mods, feel free. Do not ask for permission,
 you will not get a response.

- Thanks very much to picolini for making the two bomb models. If you would like to distribute
 them in any of your mods, you must get permission and conditions of use from him.

- Also thanks to PLPynton for discovering many of the opcodes that are used in this mod.

- In case you're wondering, I use Commando Funebrero's Harrier GR7 for SA (not the VC port).
 It's really cool and you can get it at
Andi Arya commented over 9 years ago:
cool :D :sarcasm:
THE_JANITOR commented over 11 years ago:
MY COMPUTER TURNED INTO A FROG!! :furious: :furious: :angry: :cry: :cry: :barf:
Dylan_M commented over 12 years ago:
nice mod, but... is there any way where you can make a nuke, or atleas something alot bigger in explosion, im new but dont you just have to change a number on the script?
Metanaito commented over 13 years ago:
I followed the Readme for it, but do you have to do the 'advanced users' directions too? I'm new to GTA mods, so I am very confused <img src="" width="18" height="18" alt=":blink:" />
kac.marko commented over 13 years ago:
never mind
imanbest commented over 14 years ago:
can anyone tell me how to install it

i read the bombdrop but i cant understand it cuz

it didnt tell me whick file should i open
jbaev commented over 14 years ago:
Ya thats cool but if you could make it without having to replace the script i would have installed it
Yangster commented over 15 years ago:
I've never used darkpact before, as I don't think it was out when I stopped coding for VC.

If you're having problems, maybe it's because you can't add new objects. Use MISSILE_SFXR_07 (which is already defined in the default main.scm) instead of MISSILE_SFXR_11. I haven't tested it, but it should work the same.

BTW, anyone who successfully darkpacts it, feel free to distribute it.
J3LM3R commented over 15 years ago:
I love it; but I'd like to have a version that has been darkpacted so you don't have to start a new game. (I tried to do it myself but that didn't work:/)

have some cookies::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:

R1fl3m4n commented over 15 years ago:
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