GS Weapons
A lot of weapons at Grove Street
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Author: MC Vic
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Jul 2011
Last Updated: 24 Jul 2011
Views: 8847
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.66667 (3 votes)
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This script allows you to find many weapons at Grove Street:
-Near CJ's house you can find SMG, M4, Desert Ragle, silenced pistol and chromegun
-Near Ryder's house you can find health pickup and !adrenaline!
-Near Sweet's house - AK47
-On the left from Sweet's house - rocket launcher and heatseek
-Near the house opposite CJ's house - satchel, flame and hunter rifle
-Near OG Loc's house - sniper rifle
-On the roof of CJ's garage you can find a lot of melee weapons!
-And if you climb on the roof of CJ's house you can find IR goggles there!

65536 commented over 10 years ago:
Nice CLEO mod. It don't cause any issues in game. 5 Star!
kempis commented over 11 years ago:
buen mod pero debes mejorar :D :D <img src=p" /> :r*: :r*:
CK-shit commented over 11 years ago:
glad you r back
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