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SCO ToolBox
Decode, encode and edit SCO files.
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Author: flitskikker
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.2.7
Status: Complete
Started on: 12 Jul 2011
Last Updated: 27 Nov 2011
Views: 9466
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (4 votes)
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SCO ToolBox is designed for decoding, encoding and low level editing of SCO files.

The usage of SCO ToolBox is rather obvious.
Just launch it and you will be able to open a single file (for decoding/encoding and editing) and batch decode/encode a bunch of files.
After you open a single file, information about the file is displayed in the properties box. To low level edit it, click the "Open Code Editor" button. Please select the correct script version for the natives mode.
The advanced editor offers line numbering, syntax coloring, auto completing and a bunch of other useful features. However, it will take a while to load large chuncks of code into the advanced editor (decompiling and compiling itself is fast though). It is advised to use the basic editor for large files (>50000 bytes).
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BehelitOutlaw commented over 6 years ago:
Thank You!
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SCO ToolBox v1.2.7 released!
CHANGE LOG: v1.2.7: - Added natives (Thanks OinkOink and sjaak327). - Added description for code signature. - Added update checker. - Some other bug fixes.

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