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Author: spaceeinstein No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 10 Jul 2011
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2015
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Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.62499 (16 votes)
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This mod lets you get drunk at the Pole Position and the Malibu Clubs. Drinks are free at the Pole Position Club and at the Malibu Club if you have bought it. Each drink costs $100 if you have not bought the Malibu Club. The drunk effect is exactly like "Boomshine Saigon": the screen will be washed out, the camera will wave around, your handling of cars will be impeded, and driving past a cop will earn you a wanted level. The effect will wear off over time. If you drink too much, you will pass out and wake up in up to 13 random locations around the city but it is limited to the parts of the city you have unlocked already. Debug mode can be enabled by typing "DRUNK". While in this mode, you can teleport yourself to the Malibu by pressing the camera key. Spawn locations can be selected by typing a number (but not with the number pad) and then pressing the enter/exit key. This mod utilizes CLEO Library v1.1.1.7 for Vice City, developed by Seemann, Alien, and Silent.

* Download the mod (click the Download Mod button).
* Download CLEO for Vice City at
* From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into the main VC directory folder.
* If CLEO.asi already exists in the main VC directory folder, you must delete that file.
* From this mod download, place the CLEO folder containing SEDrunk.cs and SEDrunk.fxt into the main VC directory folder.
This mod has been tested only on VC v.1.00 US.

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Horrorween commented over 4 years ago:
Just noticed that if you completed Phil Cassidy mission, the silicone marker will vanish in both places which are The Malibu Club & The Pole Position. Idk if it compatible for VC 1.0 version :dozing:
DNArationX commented over 7 years ago:
great ... i like every work, is possible to make a trucking mod just like in GTA SA
commented over 9 years ago:
its not working... :/
commented over 9 years ago:
You can add trails when drink to enhance the effect
toanpro commented over 9 years ago:
You cool bro :D
kuernoloko commented over 10 years ago:
:dozing: :/:/maan!! which file i have to download?? for i get drunk?? cause i've downloaded the v3 version so it don't works... <img src=h34r:" /> <img src=h34r:" /> or tell me what i have to do for it works in the malibu... which files i have to paste in CLEO or which goes in another folder like data or anim pleease answer!! i've downloaded many mods of you and works so it does'nt
MastahB commented over 10 years ago:
lol funny
VC_Guy commented over 10 years ago:
LOL Nice Hangover :D
sekhonkaran90 commented over 10 years ago:
cool mod cookies and respect hustle loyality :cookie: :cookie:
FreeBirdYeah commented over 11 years ago:
Excellent mod, man :colgate: :colgate: respect
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Version 4
Version 4 is out! The mod no longer relies on the original main.scm so the mod should work for most people who have issues getting it to work.

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