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GTA .dff Importer
3ds max plugin (MAX.NET)
Information Files
Author: seggaeman
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 19 Jun 2011
Last Updated: 17 Nov 2011
Views: 68140
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.06251 (16 votes)
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UPDATE 26/10/2011 Added support for night vertex colors.
UPDATE 01/11/2011: Zoom extents after import, autodelete of isolated vertices.

Night vertex color and alpha are imported to mapping channels 3 and 4 (x-coordinate only) respectively; let me know if you are able to view and edit the information.


In addition to 3ds max you need to have .NET framework 4 and Max.NET installed.
You will also need Kam's which is included with his scripts.

Download the Max.NET installer here.

Download Kam's 3ds max scripts here.

But it's important to note that the plugin will not work with versions prior to 3ds max 9 since they do not have in-built support for the .NET framework.

Copy GTADffImporter.dll into <3ds max root folder>\plugins. It's advisable to run 3ds max as administrator; sometimes it didn't work when this step was omitted.

The plugin is accessible from the utilities tab: Expand the "Utilities" rollout and click the "More... " button. In the list you should find an entry for "GTA DFF importer".

The utility brings up a dialog. Click the "open" button to choose a file. One or more numbers will appear in the listbox; these represent clumps in the .dff file. The numbers are the offsets(i.e addresses) of the clumps relative to the beginning of the file. Select one of them and click the "Import" button to perform the import.

Most .dffs are single clump.


Imports GTA III, Vice City and GTA SA models.
Imports materials, normals, both UV maps and vertex colors.
Limited support for peds: mesh is imported but bones are represented by dummy nodes.
UV and other animations not supported.
2dfx not supported.
Does not import collision data.
cj2000 commented over 5 years ago:
Which max versions are suported?
MrAlex20807 commented over 6 years ago:
Do this work in 3DS Max 2014? Or you can update it to 2014 please? I'll really thankfull
DimZet13 commented over 10 years ago:
+1 Needed .dff VC(PS2) Importer
atfburner commented over 10 years ago:
a dff importer for the VC ps2 would be something entirely new as only a dff to obj exists meaning no vertex colour and other limitations of that format. A lot of stuff on the ps2 disc intersts me & i can provide structure info/models. Would you be willing to add this ? You know having a comprehensive working exporter including vertex alpha in max is a personal dream for VC :D SA would benefit too. Issues with Kams tools Importing/viewing alphas dont display in max, currently need to select path to them manually and click "show std map in viewport" every time. (Would save mouse clicking 8 times per alpha) DffIO After the flags in the geometry struct there is one byte for the uv set count and a second that is unknown (0 or 1) Kam assumed that these 2 bytes are a word and contain the uv set count. That is wrong and the second byte is unknwon at the moment but writing 0 fixes any issues in it. Exporting day and night vertex colours for SA. currently have to import night vertex colours via rw-analyse. If you want a challenge on top of the above ones, not an imp/exp request but a 2dfx section as a stack modifier for Vice so we can visually check changes before running the game. thats about all i can think of for now.
seggaeman commented over 10 years ago:
Glad you like it :) An exporter is under consideration; I might start coding it after adding UV anim support to this tool. What would you like to see in an exporter? That is what features do you feel are missing in zmodeler 2 and Kam's scripts (and which bugs could be corrected). Yeah I know it sounds strange but I've exported very few models. Less than 10.
atfburner commented over 10 years ago:
One of the models I've been waiting a long time to edit seams to be importing just fine - the vice city lighthouse beam... Finally!! Such a great effort on your part for releasing. Thanks :cookie: Will you be creating a dff exporter?
atfburner commented over 10 years ago:
Ok im really interested in this now. will pass over some feedback in the next few days. Thanks.
seggaeman commented over 10 years ago:
It supports vertex alpha import. As for anims yes got plans to add but can't say when.
atfburner commented over 10 years ago:
will you be supporting vertex alphas & map object animation for vice city in the future?
seggaeman commented over 10 years ago:
From your PM you are referring to Kam's tool. Well yes this one is similar but incorporates some improvements. For example import of normals. It also imports faster.
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