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Author: GTAViceVIP No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 25 May 2006
Last Updated: 17 Jun 2006
Views: 7415
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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varial commented over 10 years ago:
pro laps is available after you have finished the mission from b-dup i guess then you msut buy clothes in binco and then is pro laps available to
GTAViceVIP commented over 12 years ago:
You can buy the Nike Air Max Classics @ the Pro-Laps.
Notice that Pro-Laps would be not direct available at the start of the game ;)
frans commented over 12 years ago:
where can i find the nike air max i have probs finding it
GTAViceVIP commented over 12 years ago:
'90, the Gabber period.
Thousands of young dutch people, male and female, wearing Australian Tracksuites, Nike Air Max and boys have shaved their head bald.
Listening to Hardcore and hakkuh all night long.:D Tháts the Gabber Period.

Now Gabber returns,it returns in your San Andreas too. With 3 flavours of Australian Tracksuits, Nike Air Max Classics and a special Gabber Bald Haircut. Also included a .GXT file so you see the text Nike Air Max Classic in the shop menu and more of that.

Wouldn't it be great to walk around in Los Santos in your expensive Australian Tracksuit,
stamping on your Nike Air Max Classics, while your head is shaved bald like a real gabber?
Wastin' Ballas while you are listening Hardcore?:O
Then download now the Gabber06 mod for your GTA San Andreas! Very easy to install with the clear instructions in the README file.

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