Crysis Nanosuit
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Author: ikt
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: BETA
Status: Complete
Started on: 26 Apr 2011
Last Updated: 13 Jul 2011
Views: 28849
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (8 votes)
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GTA IV: Nanosuit
You will need the following for the mod to function: - an asi loader - ScriptHook The following files will need to be in the folder GTAIV.exe is located in: - Nanosuit.asi - Nanosuit.ini - armor.wav - cloak.wav - speed.wav - strength.wav The mod will be loaded as soon as the game has loaded. On startup you should hear "Maximum Armor"
Doubletap S for Armor mode, doubletap Left Alt for Strength, doubletap Shift for Speed and doubletap Z for Cloak. Press N (one time) for Night vision. The keys may be changed in Nanosuit.ini. In that file you can also enable/disable the suit voice and set the doubletap speed. (for slower or faster computers) The key system this mod is now using is quite unusual. Check the keys.png for how the keyboard layout is done. Some values are unknown to me.
ARMOR MODE In this mode, the suits offers most protection. Falling damage, melee damage and damage done by physical events (hit by car, etc) will be zero-ed. You will still be vulnerable to bullets and explosions, but in this mode, damage from those are reduced. However, if you get shot or damaged in another way, energy will be used. This is also the only mode that regenerates health and armor. Energy is regenerated quickest in this mode. If energy is low, this mode automatically takes over. It's also possible to switch back to this mode by doubletapping S. STRENGTH MODE To get in Strength mode, you need to doubletap Left Alt. This will be able to jump much higher and you'll be able to launch cars by meleeing them. Launching cars takes a lot of energy, jumping takes less energy. SPEED MODE Doubletap Shift for this mode, you move much faster. If you are sprinting, you'll even sprint faster. But while sprinting, your energy will decrease. CLOAK Doubletap Z for going in Cloak mode. Attackers won't see you anymore and stars get greyed out. NIGHT VISION A very primitive night vision mode. It does help in low lighting conditions though. Press N for this.
- sometimes certain cars do not get launched. - EFLC may not work properly due to other animations. To do: - add sound effects for when modes disable due to low energy - launch peds/objects - throw stuff further - improve night vision - make a version that copies Nanosuit from Crysis - make another version that copies Nanosuit 2.0 from Crysis 2 Report bugs and other problems at You're welcome for tips and just chatting too! - ikt Huge thanks to everyone helping me making this mod. Nanosuit skin can be found here.
shindogg commented over 7 years ago:
would be better if it had no limits. and 100 for health (compatible w/ iron man)
archyys77 commented over 11 years ago:
when we'll be able to launch peds? :turn: :beerhat: :D
damian92150 commented over 12 years ago:
I have a problem, after game loads i hear 'maximum armor' but then game crash and exit. Whar version of ScriptHook.dll it require?
xspy40 commented over 12 years ago:
I use the xliveless asi loader and the newest scripthook. Works fine on patch 7. You might try putting this file in GTA IVs main folder: If this mod does nothing even though you installed it properly, do this! This advice is from Ikt. I tried it and it worked. Enjoy the epic mod
xspy40 commented over 12 years ago:
This isn't working. I have an asi loader and a script hook. Xliveless, script hook and an asi loader that has a "scripts" folder where you put them. Every mod works fine. Even the first person mod works fine, I dont have to put it into the scripts folder, just the gta IV folder for it to work. But this doesnt work. I put it into the folder where gtaIV.exe is located, it doesnt work. Same thing if I put it into the scripts folder. Nothing happenes. Atleast I dont crash. Can you tell which exact asi loader your using? Or maybe a different script hook? I want to play this mod :)
fastman92 commented over 12 years ago:
You forgot to include - - armor.wav - cloak.wav - speed.wav - strength.wav In archive. Audio files
killeraled commented over 12 years ago:
does it work on xbox 360. and if so how do you get it onto the xbox 360 :whuh: :r*: :cookie:
angeloflife17 commented over 12 years ago:
The new update is ready ?
Tomaszoko commented over 12 years ago:
Strength mode is not working in B3 and this isnt caused by caps lock or keyboard cfg...
ikt commented over 12 years ago:
If it's not working, try changing the keys. Your caps lock may not work in the same way as other keybaords.
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