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Author: HippieCommunist
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.4.31
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 23 Apr 2011
Last Updated: 28 Nov 2013
Views: 312080
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.76001 (50 votes)
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MODPACK 1.4.31 HippieCommunist
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Please don't push Like only if you have a request, love and support me as you shot a lot of my zombiez :)

ZombieZ was updated to a V2:

Here is a small modpack ive decided to share, all scripts are open-sourced so any1 can adjust the settings. *if you want more mods and updates consider donating to speed things up, huge thanks to those who donated and supported, enjoy this free open source release! you made this possible :) also if any1 would make a good clips to put here i'll be thankful :) donate: In every Key pressed script you can find the line: (isKeyPressed(Settings.GetValueKey("Key", Keys.X))) //change the .X to any button you like make sure to give credit where neccisary plz :) installation: make sure you have the .Net scripthook installed and working and put in \Scripts folder. files: description: Kick.CS press K to kick hard (this is sparta! style) nearest ped (i suggest changing to any extra mouse button) small chance of disarming the target (useful while aiming as well) ZombieZ.CS inspired by "motorsport71", get to the cemetery island tower (see picture with red light) or just press F9 to start an infection that will end only when player is dead zombies are very strong and only die from headshots/fire/explosions (almost nothing else) zombies will push you to the ground (about 3-4 hits kills) zombies will try to climb anywhere to give you trouble! (*fixed*) extra challenge added *ballanced zombie damage and health (zombiez are now killable by cars/falls/enough shotgun shells) *DeadZombiezBurn.CS addon for the zombiez script that burns dead zombies VehicularInjury.CS a very simple script that damages the player while crashing his vehicle PickupProps.cs press C to pick up a world prop (chairs/barrels/trash cans/gaz barrels!/some furniture/etc) press C again to throw it press E (default action key) to leave it gently press Attack/Reload/Cover (punch-kick) to hit with a prop you can use props as a minor bullet shield ^_^ if any1 sees you throwing a prop they will respond DrawObject.cs press F6 to give the player a brick to throw (you can change the model to any object you like) BasicNeeds.cs press B to drink/smoke/eat depending on what object you've picked up (manipulating the health acordingly) press N to put ANY object in you pocket. Press again to pull it out drink alcohol and you will get drunk (bottles/coffee/cups/glasses/cans) smoke a pipe and you will get high while not holding any objects, pressing the B key will make the player urinate (dropping the alcohol level in the blood) controlling the player might become harder the more drunk you get if the police see you pissing, you will recieve a wanted star theres a slight chance you will pass out and wake in the nearest hospital (for a small fee) CriminalActs.CS - some peds will try to rob and carjack (more random action) Trunk.CS - press G to open nearest trunk :) (some random outcomes) search even in empty cars to find random junk! Knife.CS - press numpad1 to throw a knife at the nearest ped infront of the player stand close to pull the knife back, otherwise the knife will be spawned (small chance of loosing the knife) throwing a knife gets the cops attention: if any1 sees you do it, you will get wanted level (1 star) if a cop sees you do it, he will shoot you! (2 stars) *version 1.31 press C when behind ped to stab his neck Dart.CS - press numpad0 to stick a dart in nearest ped if any1 sees you do it, you will get wanted level (1 star) if a cop sees you do it, he will shoot you! (2 stars) Arrest.CS - Press the G button to arrest peds. aiming+pressing at them once will make them drop their weapon and put their hands up. then arresting them will make them follow you to drop them off at the nearest police station (stations can be lighted by pressing the RadarZoom key while wearing LSD uniform) press the G button (while aiming) at the suspect near a police station parking space to hold the suspect in or free him (holding in depends if the suspect has damaged the player, or just a criminal) d_Crawl.CS - makes peds crawl and die when have very low health (might cause some lags, optionary use) LSD.CS - disables the wanted level if niko wears the LSD uniform except if aiming/shooting at a cop, they dont like that. MoveB.CS - makes the player drag any ped while ducking and facing him (must aim low) pressing the B key will make niko put the ped in nearest vehicle or throw them forward if no vehicle was found when throwing peds you can direct the camera to where you want it thrown (the animations arnt that synchronized but it gets the job done!) Sliders.CS - press F11 to open a sliding gate, any near peds and you will be sucked in (when finished opening) dropping you on a random spot in a random time with a random weather (any1 seen the series? :) if any GPS spot exists, it will teleport you (and the peds) there the gates take time to regenerate Ticket.CS - when player has 1 wanted star, the police will only fine the player instead of arresting him (only if the player has more than 1, 000$) the cop who gives you the fine will carry your money, in case you'll want it back must be still to get ticket (both in car or on foot) press and hold F8 to surrender and get arrested if you have more than 1 star (hold until arrested) TEMP.CS - a collection of minor basic features: Press U' to sit in the nearest car as passenger Press L to shuffle to the next seat no stupid animated fall down animation (ragdolled instead) no ragdolling while being arrested to avoid cheating Press F10 to reset the player (in case you get stuck with collision/control/camera/attached props/etc) *updated *extra InstantCoffee.CS - Press F5 button to have an 'instant coffee' with the nearest female (very glitchy, made simply for laughs ^_^) Telek.cs - pressing X picks up ppl and cars hold key to activate telekinetic power press mouse wheel down (Next weapon) to slap the subject to the floor press mouse wheel up to (Previous weapon) throw the subject away *Some objects need to be 'snapped off' before they can be manipulated/thrown/slap OTelek - picks up objects/weapons/money (might be harsh on mem) *Use the camera to direct the 'force' (looking up/down also manipulates the distance! meaning the higher you point the camera the further the objects will float and vice versa.) *To get the full power (with objects/weapons) put both the .cs files in the scripts folder. *I've separated the files so that slow end PC's can use the OTelek as an option, keep in mind to change the key in both files. enjoy! *1.4.3 -ZombieZ moan voices added (huuuge thanks to Erem!) -more climbing and less stucking zombiez -added DeadZombiezBurn script addon (if you dont like it, delete the file) -if you dont like the dropping vehicles replace the first "if(r 2)" to -1 or delete/comment the code *1.4.2 -added this is sparta Kick.cs *1.4.1 -optimized the Zombies to climb more efficiently -some cars are drivable (once driving) -hitting with a prop increased range -Ticket fixed cop walking away *1.4.0 -optimized the Ticket to work for older versions -must stand still to get a ticket -ability to surrender -more dangerous ZombieZ infection *1.3.8 -optimized the zombies abit more. -zombies compatible with Contact Missions (all enemies will shoot the zombies as well ;) -added ability to hit with a prop (pushing peds away and damaging property) *1.3.6/7 -tweaked and fixed Zombiez to be more responsive/harder -less lags *1.3.5 -added VehicularInjury and ZombieZ -fixed a few bugs in InstantCoffee (must not being wanted to have a coffee) -possible fix for the not working scripts in 1.0.4 (CriminalActs and Ticket - separate CS in folder 1.0.4, try and report plz) -better F10 fix (no more cops ignoring the player after an exception/violation) *1.3.3 -added caffaine moving speed increase -added PickupProps -updated the F10 (in Temp) to clear any 'stuck' objects nearby -minor tweaks *1.3.1 -fixed pissing bug -fixed appearing object on the ground after pulling it from pocket -added DrawObject for fun -hospital charges a small fee for emergency room (when passing out) -drunk effects are gone after death -some more small tweaks *1.3 -fixed bug preventing eating food -added ability to put objects in pocket -added ability to search for random junk in trunks -other small bugs fixed *1.2.8 -fixed more bugs -added 'pass out' to Basic Needs -dont need to touch bodies to move them -fixed a few bugs in instant coffee (even busy/sitting peds are 'available' for coffee ; ) -hold Action button (default E) before finishing coffee to make the ped follow you *1.2.6 -fixed small bugs -added the animation of holding a drink (untill the player holds it no more) -better eating animation *1.2.5 -added the food/drinking objects from the apartment in Broker -added the food/drinking objects from the majestic suite -optimized the player pissing direction *1.2.3 -added BasicNeeds.CS -optimized Knife and Dart to not work while ragdolled etc -optimized the TEMP's F10 reset button to disable the drunk camera *1.2.1 -tweaked the Ticket furthermore, more stable. -no more randomness around the fine limit (just need to have more than 1K) -small bugs fixed *1.2.0 -fixed few bugs -optimized CriminalActs (was still causing the mid air bug) -re-optimized the Ticket (think/hope i finally solved it) *1.1.9 -optimized the Ticket to work better *1.1.8 -optimized the pickpocket -added carjacking -changed the file's name (delete the old pickpocket.cs) *1.1.7 -added PickPocket.CS -added retrieve control to F10 -small fixes *1.1.5 -fixed in Trunk weapons hanging in mid air (you will simply get the ammo now) -fixed in Trunk clearing the suspects after death *1.1.4 -fixed various bugs *1.1.2 -fixed Dart ^_^ *1.1.1 -fixed Knife *1.1.0 -scripts optimized -bugs fixed -added Knife and Dart
rennee commented over 3 years ago:
I like it, every time I press a certain keys to choose or adds chairs, I can choose exactly like this model
robertholmes commented over 4 years ago:
Similar to the demolition games that I am playing on a flash web version, this one is one of my best favorite strategy games. I much like it after trying the GTA V.
MasterGamerPT commented over 5 years ago:
pls add this mods :fus roh dah mod , iron man mod , hulk mod, dupset gun mod , assassination mod , execution mod , mod that allowes to iterrect with peploe , deloran car mod and some guns and cars skins pls this will be amazing :D :xmas: :r*:
MasterGamerPT commented over 5 years ago:
i im here to have some tips to you to this mod pack first of all the mods i will request hulk mod, delorean mod , dupset gun mod , assassinaton mod , fus roh dah mod , mod that allows interect with peaple , some cars and weapons skins and the new iron man mod ok i think this will be the most large mod pack in history of gta its the best mod pack i sean and pls add this mods im sugesting
MasterGamerPT commented over 5 years ago:
hi im asking to you to instal the dupset gun mod the hlk mod the delorian mod the execussion mod the assassination mod and that mod who allowes to interact with peaple ok pls willbe very cool this the best mod pack i sean to gta and you better say that isent small :r*: :happy: :D :beerhat: h34r: :cookie:
Jakovski commented over 6 years ago:
I have 2 problems: 1. Is that when i try to drag people it just pulls the body then i have to walk away then return and do it again to make the body move. 2. When i try to put the body into the trunk he just throws it at the car. I even tried to OPEN the trunk. Please help me! :(
SirKittenBurp commented over 6 years ago:
Can you help me pleas, I installed it the same way on the video and I get :Grand Theft Auto IV Has stopped working: And some times it starts up but crashes before it gets to the main menu :(
SirKittenBurp commented over 6 years ago:
Can you help me pleas, I installed it the same way on the video and I get :Grand Theft Auto IV Has stopped working: And some times it starts up but crashes before it gets to the main menu :(
levanyc commented over 6 years ago:
This work for PS3 and/or PS3 online? commented over 6 years ago:
can you make the tickets to cost about 50 dollars or so ?? plzz and does this work with drive felony mod? :blink: :cool: :cool: :cool:
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