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Police Patriot CSI Miami Edition
Drive a Patriot that looks like the pimpin 4x4 from CSI Miami!
Information Files
Author: MrSnaztastic
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Apr 2011
Last Updated: 17 Oct 2011
Views: 12061
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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Uploaded by request.

Simple skin mod that turns the Police Patriot into the Humvee from CSI Miami. Ain't perfect, but I think it's pretty cool. Used it in my CSI Miami Meets GTA IV video a short while back and someone asked if they could have the skins, so here they are for the whole world!

If anyone wants a Horatio to go with the car, you can find him here:

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