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Proper Widescreen Fix
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Author: ThirteenAG
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Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Mar 2011
Last Updated: 23 Nov 2012
Views: 71257
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.42858 (21 votes)
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GTA 3 and Vice City proper widescreen fix

Versions 2012: I've made some minor changes a while back, and fixed this weird crash in vice city. Please, let me know, if you have any issues with new versions.

Copy 20widescreenfix.cs in your cleo folder.
Default FOV equals 20, if you want to change it, rename cleo script. For example to 37widescreenfix.cs
Aspect Ratio calculated automatically.
Versions 1.0 and 1.1 are supported.
Fujiski ramero commented over 8 years ago:
Is there any way to stop this mod's effect in vehicles but still keep it's effect while the player is on foot ?
ThirteenAG commented over 11 years ago:
So, cleo fix is outdated, check the new widescreen fix:
.Iso commented over 11 years ago:
Cannot get this working, game crashes on load - from either loading a save game or created a new game - menu will work but other than that it kills itself. Using steam version -> Downgraded to a v1.1 exe I can get other FOV hacks working (yes I know not to run them with this mod, but still nothing for the HUD on a 16:9 monitor.
PeterD commented over 11 years ago:
Nice modification, but my Vice City crashes, when I'm trying to use sniper :(.
Dani5ooo commented over 11 years ago:
This mod fixes the stretched radar and FOV but not the hud for 16:9 resolutions. So I made a little fix for it. I will not share it, because I didn't made this mod. I only fixed it. :p Screen:
ThirteenAG commented over 11 years ago:
eXtremeDevil, fixed.
eXtremeDevil commented over 11 years ago:
Does anyone knows why, on GTAII 1.1, ONLY if using this mod, if I minimize the sound dissapears? Thanks.
ThirteenAG commented over 11 years ago:
What do you mean? FOV value doesn't change the radar, radar stretch can be changed only in source code.
Victor_Knight commented over 11 years ago:
What is the best value instead 20 for a 16:9 aspect ratio? :monocle: Cause my radar looks overstuffed.
Dani5ooo commented over 11 years ago:
Then change the cam view to the widest view. Its fine for me.
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