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Independence Day
Based on the movie Independence day
Information Files
Author: Gangs_Rocks
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.1a
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 Mar 2011
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2011
Views: 21620
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 3.14286 (7 votes)
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This mod pack is based on the movie " Independence day ".

The mod pack contains :
Alien Skins : Cancelled ( Can be resumed if modder found )
Spaceshuttle : Finished
Intro Video : 100% Complete
Loading Screens : 0% ( Looking for modder )
Save Disc : 0% Not started ( Modder required )
N.A.S.A Space center : In progress , finished very soon


And for the last but not the least , GTA in 3000 has been revealed!
GTA in 3000 will be a mod pack that will be released after this mod has been completed and uploaded.

For more information , Please gimme a message.
( NOTE : GTA in 3000 is an idea of mine own. If the idea has been stolen or already been made , please comment below as soon as possible.

I am working on the Alien Skins , Because they require a cleo to appear , :(

The GTATITLES.01 is under beta testing : The video will be ready Almost in a few days , Because I just decided the pictures and video required for it , And was really busy making Designs for Alien Skins

:( As you see , The GTAGARAGE was having some 503 error that was fixed a few hours ago.
So , Back to work , I will be updating the mod details everyday , as their was no progress made through the week as I was really really busy.
Now , Time to work hard , give me your suggestions , Apply here if you can make me something

I love you man , Thanks to N3C14R who allowed me to use his space shuttle discover mod for my independence day mod pack , I love you man

Space shuttle = 100% Complete ( Thanks to N3C14R )
rest still in progress

Instead of NASA space center , I would be using the Military center.
Thanks to Woody97 for the permission of letting me use it

Thanks to Gta_Sa_cleo_king for letting me use his very special UFO moon mod for this mod pack
Also very special thanks to Dumbass-Productions for letting me use his handmade Realistic clouds mod

The mod pack is going very successfull

Ok , now Alien skins are delayed until I find someone to make a skin for it in Gta Sa.

Checklist :
Space Shuttle : Check
Military Center: Check
UFO moon : Check
Realistic clouds : Check
Intro Video : Check
Loading screens : Need help
Alien skins : Designs ready , Need skinner for making a skin of that alien in Gta Sa
What next do you want? Comment below and tell me and I will get it. However , if the idea does not work with the mod pack , it will not be added to the main file but to the optional stuff. Thanks

Also announcing the DYOM mission for the Mod pack will be released soon
DYOM Information :
DYOM mission for Independence day mod pack will be divided into total of 6 missions. All of the mod pack will be required to play the DYOM mission or it may or may not work as depends.

Cleo info : CLEO's may not be included in the whole mod pack or there might be a few. I will keep you updated from day to day information of the Mod pack.

Really thanks to kal-el5676 for letting me use his very special terminator gun T-101 Gun for the mod pack

800 Views ! Thanks to all of you , Still looking for modifiers

Thanks to quechus13 for allowing me to use his Alien Random gun modification :D
Modification only required a few weapons , alien skin and a few more things and its gonna be ready

I found the loading screens , now gonna talk to the author about using the loading screens for this mod pack

Some changes are there in the Space shuttle part as their are some errors while testing the mod. I will let you all know what's up with the errors. Woody97 is still working on it for using the Military center with the Space shuttle.

The modification's military center has been delayed as while in the beta testing , the military center didn't appear. Woody97 is still working on it to make it better and allowing all the players to use it without difficulty.

The rest of the mod is almost ready , though I made a really bad LOADSCS.TXD ( Loading screens ). The video has been really great. As soon as the military center is fixed , we will release the mod to gta players for beta testing. And also to be noted , the alien skins have been cancelled as we didn't find a skinner to do so Because we were looking for someone who could make a ped an alien.

Woody97 is working really hard on the military center as it is bugged. He's trying to update the whole modification so that he can make it compatible with our mod
To keep up with the latest updates of the Los santos int. Military sub-base with a run way , check this:
We are unable to launch the modification until the military center is completely repaired and finished. The modification is possibly going to be launched near the end of March or in the start of April.

Video is ready ... I made it in a few minutes , with the music of boulevard of broken dreams- Greenday.

Also , should I make a video file to download or should I post it on Youtube?

Never mind , I have decided to post the video on youtube and upload an gta sa intro video of it on gtagarage too. But not now , very soon after the military center is released , the first glimpse of the major modification will be released very soon. Thanks to all of you for the support you have given us , we won't let you down , though this is my very first "BIG" modification. GO INDEPENDENCE DAY MODIFICATION!

Not much to share with you today , keep reading , keep looking , and some day , the mod will appear on the download button :D

Sorry guys , I didn't update the thing for a few days for a few problems we were facing with the modification compatibility.
It's possible that if you are using v.1 of Gta sa , this modification may not work. I am working hard on making it compatible with it , as the files do hold a small difference.
2 versions will be launched in late April.
first one : V.01 of modification that will work with V2 of the game
second one: V.02 of modification that will work with V1 of the game

I can't launch the modification earlier , but for sure , a sneak peak video of the whole modification is the thing I just uploaded :D Enjoy guys until I make it all ready , set and goooo.

I'm sorry I couldn't keep you updated but for sure I uploaded the first glimpse video of the major modification!

I am uploading the rest of the files in just a few hours!
Have fun and keep lookin out for the latest updates , coz you know , you heard it first from Gangs XD

FIRST MOD RELEASED : Yes , I just uploaded the real modification files that are 10.1 MB , and that includes all the modifications with a TXD workshop and I didn't add a link because the txd files just won't work with the new updates. All the zips are compressed into 1 zip. While adding the modification , please note that
only 2 IMG tools with work while doing so. Those are: Spark IMG tool , GTA IMG tool.
Also to be noted that the military center has been delayed as per as the bugs and so on. Have fun guys , Modification will be online in a few hours!

The first glimpse: Video
The real modification : The modification
150 downloads and still going , GO BABY GO!

3000 VIEWS AND STILL COUNTING! just 288 downloads , come on ppl , download it , you know its not bad , we are just newbies trying to make this modification

470 Downloads with 4k Views! Thanks guys , Love y'all , and thanks to kyalzz , hes the real loading screen modder of the thing. Bumping Once again
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