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IluvElegy's 3in1 Race Track
d^_^b Have Fun !
Information Files
Author: IluvElegy
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: final
Status: Complete
Started on: 24 Feb 2011
Last Updated: 24 Feb 2011
Views: 24798
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.16667 (6 votes)
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GTA SA IluvElegy's 3in1 RACE TRACK
personnal Version 10 (last version)
Created with Med v0.32
Date its been posted on gtagarage 24/02/2011

d^_^b Greatings to all GTA SA enthusiasts !

Ahem ! You try everything else ? you are bored ? Wanna Race on a cool NEW RACING TRACK ?

I proudly present my creation: the GTA SA IluvElegy's 3in1 RACE TRACK !


This is a little race track i put togheter when i was bored last month, and ever since, i've been riding on it with every car i have. IT'S THAT FUN ! TRY IT ! DISTRIBUTED IT ! Just don't take credit for it !

I have not the pretention to said that i am a modder and i've never said i was one, BUT, THIS IS MY CREATION so give me a little credit the rest is up to you, i won't make a v2. d^_^b thank you,

Why 3 in 1 you ask ? 3 in 1 because you get (NEAR SM BEACH, see the screens): 1 really technical race track (2 race track if you count "backward" (left/right way) as another race track), 1 drag racing track & 2 "downhill, uphill drift & speed trial" LV garage next to each other with large vehicle custom stunts jump on top (see the youtube video). Try it afterward ! My best times is always arround 2min to the right and 2 min to the left (average speed of 75-85 miles per hours), video is made with FRAPS.

Why 2 minutes, why only 75-85 mph ? and why it's so technical ? Because, if you fall, it's race over, you fall into water, gotta start all over again ! I've not put barrier and/or fence anywhere except in the first 4 turn of the "right side"... Why you will ask ? Some will say lazyness (maybe a little lol), but other, more inteligent individuals, already understand its to had some difficulty to the track... with fence & barrier everywhere, it would'nt be as much fun anymore... the ever present sudden death danger & the fear of fallin you constantly feel can easily give ya rush of adrenaline on each run, even if you've became good at it. Try it, you will see what im talkin bout. d^_^b IMPORTANT, before you play my map: If you don't wan't to swim your way back to the beach (or the drag track), i strongly suggested & RECOMMEND you use ANY teleporting cleo you can find outhere that can bring your ass (and yo car's ass) back on starting line with the convenience of the puch of a button or two. Another tip i can give you is to install any speedometter so you can see your speed, cauz trust me on this one, in all those curve, it will help a lot to know bout that. AND you will be able to see your max speed on the drag track, because here more then anytime else, its kinda pointless to go "max speed trialin" or "drag racing" without the speedometter. IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS MOD IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH SAKINA AUTHOR OR MOD, i just put the "sakina" version for the convenience of those who got it installed on their machine and already got the barrier fix in their law2.ipl. that's the only thing change, the rest of my map is the same, except that you can't access the second jump of the second parking BUT in exchange you can get on sakina from there (yeah, cool, great, a new way to get on the big green whale) ! to install: 1st) make a backup copy of your law2.ipl files located in your data/maps/LA and 2nd) copy/paste mine (normal). Note: If you happen to have sakina installed, take the other one (it just remove the barrier near the ferries wheel so you can enter sakina no problem). wanna uninstall: Easy, just deleted my law2.ipl in data/maps/LA and copy/paste back your original one (the backup of your original law2.ipl that you've supposely done as demmand in the first step) ANOTHER REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: my map is really fun and multiplayer compatible (& compatible with sakina) and stuff, BUT, BEWARE ! IT WILL put lots of giant invisible object with freakin fuctup col all over LS streets & county, couple places in country, in some part of SF AND randomly in the sky over those areas... My map is playable 100%, but, as i said, the SA map get really fuct up. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED ! make a backup ! Thing are automaticly reversible with a clean law2.ipl (or your own law2.ipl backup), this is why YOU HAVE TO DO A BACKUP first. Don't send me mail to cry about it or stuff or asking for a clean law2.ipl cause i won't even answer, reason, i said do a backup like 15 times already so you should know. d^_^b What i do personnaly to play my map: when i wanna races ORIGINAL gtasa races, redo missions or somes, i put back a CLEAN law2.ipl (not my mod) so that the map IS CLEAN. On the other side, When i wanna race my IluvElegy's 3in1 Race Track (and i know i won't take a ride in SA), i just put back my modified law2.ipl (my mod) and voilĂ , it's done, can play my map again... Disclaimers: this is MY map, even if it's done with original gta sa piece, it's still my map, DON'T TAKE CREDIT FOR IT. The primary reason why i open an account on gtagarage is to officiated that fact, to "virtualy tag" my work AND so that everybody know where & from who it come from. Don't take credit for other peoples works or you're a n00b. Post originaly on gtagarage, created in about 8 hours (over a week periods in my free times), it's my personnal tenth version (other version where fockin the map too much), like i said, it's the definitive version, don't mind the bug on sa map it's playable 100% just check the youtube video ! If you want to add stuff and post a modified map of mine saying it's yours, YOU CAN'T, and, you're a pitiful n00b. Make your own if you wanna claim it your own... This mod is NOT a gtagarage exclusive, SO, YOU CAN distributed it everywhere you wan't IF YOU GAVE ME CREDIT for it. Finally, REMEMBER TO MAKE BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL LAW2.IPL ! d^_^b HAVE FUN !
BlackBasan commented over 8 years ago:
Best Race way!! :catloaf: :catloaf: :cookie: :cookie: :breadfish:
kaiser080999 commented over 9 years ago:
about the invisible objects: i cant finish a mission on gat sa(og loc)because of this, but thats oh, teleporter helped me, i also have a backup.and the random walls, its too huge.can you give me a explaination why this happened?
mateogon commented over 9 years ago:
you should put some barrier to prevent the car from falling
AmazingAcorn commented over 9 years ago:
Really fantastic track! I test all my new car mods on this track how can you only have 4 stars! :cookie: :cookie:
b.traceur commented over 10 years ago:
eh , I forget. my time is around 1:22 ... :)
b.traceur commented over 10 years ago:
yes , this mod is clean . I've played it almost an hour and not feeling any sign of game instability... nice ... :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
thenewbie123 commented over 10 years ago:
cool race track love it :inlove: :inlove: have some cookies :p :cookie: :cookie:
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