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Air Traffic Pro
Adds helicopters and planes with their own route
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Author: YyHhGgTt
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v6.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 24 Feb 2011
Last Updated: 16 Feb 2012
Views: 119364
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.26414 (53 votes)
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This CLEO mod is based off of altman's Air Traffic Mod. (and i got permission from him also)

The differences? A lot. First I noticed altman's just uses the .RRR method to get it off the ground and releases it from the .RRR path which lets the plane fly off by it self. (or Rockstar's AI) This mod however won't release it from the path, it will use the .RRR path to get to city to city with no plane crashes. (unless you shoot it down :devil: ) Other enhancements that you will have to find out your self. ;)

Get the latest CLEO4 Library from here and install it. (if you don't have the CLEO Library.) Now, open the folder of which libary you have, (typically CLEO4) and open the folder and move all the files and folders into the CLEO folder. (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\CLEO)
For the advanced planes. CLEO3 Support. The plane(s) will go to every airport in SA. Passenger support. Four planes, with different start points, models and routes. Stable and bug free with no plane crashes unless you create one by shooting it down. A transmitter that can tell you if the plane is crashed, landing, what city, speed, etc. (if you are on CLEO4, type the plane you want to transmit, for example; "AT400", "ANDROM", "SHAMAL", or "NEVADA". But if you are on CLEO3, hold these keys; "AT40", "AND", "SHA", or "NEV") also you can hold H and 1, H and 2, H and 3, or H and 4 to see its speed, health, etc. For the helicopters. CLEO3 Support. The helis (five of them) have a specific route, it will go along with the path and loop it.
Possible new things
Randomized route every time for the planes instead of a fixed route (from LS to LV to SF etc., repeat will be omitted) Perhaps traffic of people leaving and entering the planes that land in airports. Perhaps going inside the planes in the in game interiors (maybe impossible though) Once I figure out how to load .rrr file with out installing it, I maybe able to make more smoother "setting up the plane to go fly" instead of coding out the fixed position it will be moving to (no more magical rotating planes)
Start points for vehicles
  • The AT400 and ANDROM will start at the Los Santos International.
  • The NEVADA will start at Las Venturas Airport.
  • The SHAMAL will start at San Fierro Airport.
  • One helicopter will start at the Bigear and fly across the whole state.
  • One helicopter will start near the Pershing Square (the LSPD HQ) and fly around LS.
  • One helicopter will start near Bay Side and fly around Gant Bridge.
  • One helicopter will start somewhere in the Tierra Robada and fly around Garver Bridge.
  • One helicopter will start at Las Venturas Airport and fly around LV.
  • Some other aircraft you will find as a mystery. ;) Get looking!
Known stuff
For the advanced planes. If the planes collide into each other, they will go right through each other. The other planes, the landing gear will be in the ground when landing, because the .rrr path was built for the AT-400. Nevada and the Shamal plane doesn't support passenger, because it would crash the game. For helicopters and other aircraft. They will only spawn if you are near them. CLEO3 Stuff Right now, the "info" of the transmitter is broken. ALL No wanted level 3+ hydras (it is a memory issue in GTASA, the aircrafts cause this) Will not work in SA:MP.
YouTube video
Version 10 here.
Version 1.0 First release Version 2.0 Added passenger support Fixed respawning glitch Rewrote code Version 3.0 Rewrote code again (should be last time) Plane will loop its route when its done it Better detection method Removed the passenger pilot, as hes useless and in the way with the passenger support update. Version 3.1 The second plane with a different route has been added! The placement values are right on the dot. (the put-ats and start positions) Version 3.2 Improved the "dead" thread. Version 3.3 Added a new plane, new route for it. The putting at and angle shouldn't be choppy and slow. Enhanced angles. Version 3.4 Today we reached a milestone, every start point for a plane to start at has been used. So, a forth plane has been added, with a new route. Some other enhancements that I forgot (lol.gif) Version 3.5 Added transmitter, where you will get messages for what the plane is doing and stuff. Improved "dead" thread again. Version 3.6 The putting-ats and angling shouldn't be choppy anymore. Improved angles. Improved transmitter. Version 3.7 Increased speed of the script. Bug fixes. Version 4.0 Rise of the CLEO3! (CLEO3 Support added) Made it so the plane doesn't spawn right in front of you for more realism. (if you shoot it it down, and wait at it's spawn point, you now wouldn't see it spawn right in front of you anymore) Version 4.1 Removed the wait at the start and also removed the message at the start. Improved transmitter. (CLEO4 only) Version 5.0 Air Traffic Pro Helicopters! Version 5.1 Bug fixes and CLEO3 updates. Version 5.2 Loads of bug fixes. Loads and loads of bugs fixed. Added a DODO that has a simple route, just a test, but to some, its a lot. ;) Version 5.3 Just bug fixes to improve stability. New path and model loading methods. Looked over code to improve stability. Added two test planes. Version 6.0 Rewrote whole code! Bug free! Performance improvement! Fixed missing vehicular traffic! Helicopters will now only spawn if you are near their spawn point and will despawn if you get to far away from it. Please do not hotlink this, if you want to make a spinoff of this, please contact me, and give me and altman credit.
Jesus1907 commented over 2 years ago:
Game closes while game :(
Kirtan Goswami commented over 3 years ago:
OH!! men some thing glitchy when all planes land at airports(I mean each one by one:).All landing Gears do not come out when they should come out.You should adjust them.all landing gear just go in Blue Hell and later they come out. :devil: :die:
Flusak1235 commented over 3 years ago:
there are some bugs, two planes can land a the same time ghost planes arent spawning anymore a plane can land and go inside a parked plane on the runaway and you can add more ghostplane types like stuntplane, dodo, etc
Veigar commented over 3 years ago:
Possible to change the routes in which the planes fly? Or which direction they land at airports (Like at LS airport they come from the direction that Santa Marina beach, was wondering if possible to make them come from the docks direction) Other than that, nice mod
max99 commented over 5 years ago:
I think you should make all planes travel at same speed cause after long enough some of them start flying through each other, also when they land they go inside the ground. but other than that awsome mod
chaitanya123 commented over 5 years ago:
swapnil2809 commented over 6 years ago:
Excellent Mod. Respect. Do add aircaft spwawn locations at airports in a later version.
fookeme commented over 6 years ago:
Excellent Mod but when I fly over the "Areas 69" crash all the time game (only in this place)I tested on a clean game without mod.I use cleo 4 and the 6.0 version of this mod. Sorry if my english isn't very well, I'm learning. Many thanks to the author of this mod (even if it bug) Continue to improve :inlove:
Rizqan7 commented over 6 years ago:
Report New Bug! If I Type BAGOWPG (Peds Attack CJ) My GTA SA Crash :nervous:
max99 commented over 6 years ago:
i used to have this mod and it was great! but now !first plane takes off !a at400! when the second plane is about to take off the game crashes! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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